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Male enhancement pills are obviously formulated to address many of the sex-related needs and wants among men.

Most, if not all, men who take these male enhancement supplements want to increase their ability to maintain an erection coupled with an increase in quality and quantity of orgasms, to enhance their sex drive, desire and satisfaction, and to improve on their sense of confidence while in bed with their partners.


The Overall Effect On Virility

Male enhancement supplements mainly work by increasing the quantity and quality of blood flow to the penile area. The increase in blood flow is achieved by the expansion of the blood vessels in the penis itself – the larger the expansion in the vessels, the more blood can flow into them.


Understanding the effect of male enhancement pills on the quantity and quality of erections requires a basic understanding of the penile erection process itself.

In its flaccid state, the smooth muscles and cavernous smooth musculature in the penis are minimally contracted, which allows just a small amount of blood to flow to the arteries for nutritional purposes.

In short, a non-erect penis is only in a state of moderate contraction, which can be seen with shrinkage during cold weather and after injection of phenylephrine.

When sexual stimulation is present (i.e., the man sees erotic images or receives erotic attention like a blowjob), the brain releases neurotransmitters to the smooth muscles that, in turn, causes these to relax.

Many events soon follow that further increases the erect state of the penis including the expansion of the arteries and the increase in blood flow to it.

The penis then is raised, so to speak, from its dependant position to its fully erect position.

Such is the increase in blood flow to the penis during erection that it has at least two times higher blood pressure than that in the entire body’s main circulation!

Indeed, male enhancements pills carefully formulated to promote healthy blood vessels are more likely to be effective at increasing penile blood circulation and, hence, improving the quality and quantity of erections.

In case of the leading male enhancement supplement – VigRX Plus (you can see the full review here or check out this review too) – the increased blood flow will be manifested in just 84 days. According to a clinical study:

    • Over 62% of male participants enjoyed an increase in their ability to maintain their erections,
    • Nearly 59% expressed better ability for vaginal penetration,
    • And 61% expressed increase in overall sexual satisfaction

Truly, impressive results!


The Secret Is In the Ingredients

What makes VigRx highly effective as a male enhancement supplement? The secret is in the ingredients – their types, quality and quantity including but not limited to:

    • Bioperine (Piper nigrum L)
      Improves the bioavailability of the other ingredients by as much as 30%. This means that the body can more safely and effectively absorb the nutrients in the other ingredients, thus, increasing the supplement’s efficacy.
    • Damiana (Turneraaphrodisiaca)
      Has been used for centuries to increase sexual endurance, improve sexual performance, and promote better orgasms, which have been proven by scientific studies.
    • Epimedium Leaf Extract (EpimediumSagittatum)
      Acts as a powerful PDE-5 inhibitor, which means that it increases the level of relaxation in the penis’ smooth muscles including their arterioles.
    • Ginkgo Leaf (Ginkgo biloba)
      Has been shown to increase all four phases of the sexual cycle, namely, desire, excitement, orgasm, and afterglow. It may also aid in the relaxation of the corpus cavernousum’s muscles, which results in better erections.
    • Panax Ginseng
      Also known as Asian red ginseng, has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac. Scientific studies have also pointed to its beneficial effects on male sexual performance including in the improvement of sexual stamina, endurance and function resulting in enhanced overall sexual satisfaction on both the man and his partner.
    • Saw Palmetto Berry (FructusSerenoae)
      Works by preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone believed to result in an enlarged prostate. It also relaxes the smooth muscle tissues and increases blood flow to the penis.

Ultimately, male enhancement pills will produce the best results when these are paired with manual male enhancement exercises like the basic stretch, the horizontal movement, and the PC clenches.

Adopting health lifestyle habits helps, too!

Many misconceptions abound about male enhancement pills – their ingredients, effects and side effects, for example. To set the record straight, here are the frequently asked questions about these make-centered supplements that every interested male – and perhaps their female partners – should know.


What Are These Pills?

Male enhancement pills are over-the-counter supplements taken by men that aid in the enhancement of their overall sexual health. It must be emphasized that these pills usually come in two types, namely, those that enhance the length and width of the penis and those that increase the ability to maintain an erection.

In the case of the leading male enhancement supplement – VigRX Plus (full review here), of course – it belongs to the second category. In a scientific study involving 75 relatively healthy men between the ages of 25 and 50 who were instructed to take 2 capsules per day for 12 weeks, the results were impressive.

The study was conducted by the Vedic LifesciencesPvt. Ltd. (you can find our more about this study here) using International Index of Erectile Function to assess the results, which included:

    • 62.82% of the participants reported an increase in their ability to maintain their erections
    • 58.97% asserted an increase in their ability for vaginal penetration
    • 71.43% reported an increase in their sexual satisfaction


What Are The Ingredients?

Each brand of male enhancement supplement has its own list of ingredients. For VigRX, the ingredients include:

    • Bioprene (Piper nigrum L)
    • Damiana (Turneraaphrodisiaca)
    • Epimedium Leaf Extract (EpimediumSagittatum)
    • Ginkgo Leaf (Ginkgo biloba)
    • Panax Ginseng
    • Saw Palmetto Berry (FructusSerenoae)
    • Muira Pauma BarkExtract
    • Catuaba Bark Extract (ErythroxylumCatuaba)

Each of these ingredients have their own special effect on satisfactory to excellent penis erection but all of them work toward a single goal – to make the smooth muscles and their corresponding blood vessels in the penis to relax and dilate (open up), thus, allowing for more blood flow.

The greater blood flow to the penis, the better its erection and the better the man’s sexual performance.


Who Can Take The Supplements?

Males above legal age, in relatively good health, and with the desire to increase their sexual health can take male enhancement supplements. Younger males like teenagers are strongly discouraged from taking these pills because of the potential side effects on their normal sexual development.

Adult males falling under the following categories must first consult with their doctors about the safety of taking male enhancement supplements:

    • With a history of underlying medical conditions (i.e., diabetes)
    • On medications known to result in sexual dysfunction
    • With liver or kidney dysfunction or disorders
    • Erection issues resulting from low testosterone levels

Women especially pregnant women are also strongly advised against taking male enhancement supplements because these have neither been tested on females nor formulated for their use.


When Can These Results Be Seen?

As with all nutritional supplements, the effects will vary from one person to the next depending on his age, physical condition, and underlying health issues, among other factors.

Males who are relatively healthy – no major psychiatric disorders, deformities of the penis, and sexually transmitted diseases as well as history of chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes – will enjoy better results within a shorter period than men who may have issues affecting their penile and overall health.

In the case of VigRX, most men will enjoy the positive results within 3 months. Continuous ingestion of the male enhancement supplement will sustain these results.


What Other Methods Are Necessary For Best Results?

Although male enhancement pills are effective in their own right, as evidenced by the above mentioned results, experts suggest using manual male enhancement exercises for best results. Just make sure that these exercises are safe to apply on the penis since it is a delicate organ in many respects.

The penile exercises include jelqing, PC clenching, and basic stretching, to name just a few. If you would like to know more about these top 3 exercises in details i recommend you to check out this post at (you’ll find how to videos there too!)


What Are The Side Effects?

Since the above mentioned ingredients are natural, there are little to no side effects. If there are, these are usually limited to palpitations and headaches for the first few days and then can be resolved on their own. Just make sure to follow all dosage instructions of 2 times a day after meals.

It is also important to purchase male enhancement supplements like VigRX from reputable online sellers preferably from the manufacturers’ official website. Check the validation codes, if any, on the bottle of the supplement just to be on the safe side.

Doing your research on the product is always a good idea to avoid scams selling ineffective, if not unsafe, supplements that can worsen your sexual health instead of improving on it.

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how to

Male enhancement products including supplements and devices abound in the market especially on online sites. But not all of these products are manufactured equal in terms of safety, efficacy and value for money so it makes sense to adopt the following strategies in separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.


Become an Online Detective

If you are worried about spending money on counterfeit male enhancement products that may have harmful effects on your health, you should become an online detective.

    • Read the reviews of the products on online message boards, community forums, and dedicated review sites. Be careful about separating the hype from the truth about these products – it it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.
    • Read the tips for detecting counterfeit products on the websites of manufacturers, distributors and retailers selling the original products. In the case of one of the leading male enhancement supplements, these tell-tale signs are discussed for the information of interested buyers.
    • Check the claims made by the manufacturer about the product. Again, if it’s too good to be true like longer and larger penis by, say, 3 inches, then it probably is.

Being on the side of cautious can pay off in dividends in terms of getting genuine, safe and effective male enhancement products.


Check Out The Merchant

Aside from the product, check out the merchant, too. Think of it this way: The merchant may be selling the real McCoy but his selling practices may not be reliable, much less legal. Many issues ranging from non-delivery of the items even after payment to non-returnable defective items can crop up with such unreliable merchants.

Tip: Look for the merchant’s contact information. You should be able to get in touch with the company via various channels including emails, telephone via toll-free numbers, and a physical address.

You may also try to contact the company even before ordering and paying for the products just to be on the safe side.


Look For Security Features

Genuine Stamp Showing Real Certified ProductMost reliable manufacturers of safe and effective male enhancement products like VigRX will include security features as a protection measure for their customers.

These security features are usually difficult to replicate or require entering verification codes into a website, which can then be compared with the information on genuine products on its database.

For example, VigRX labels have verification codes that can be entered into the appropriate box at the manufacturer’s official website. When the verification code is accepted, then the product is indeed genuine. You can check if the product is genuine here


Examine The Product in Person

If possible, order a small batch that will not drain your wallet just to examine the product up close; this is possible with male enhancement supplements. Better yet, ask a friend who bought the product and then ask for a single tablet and/or check the bottle for your closer study regardless of his positive reviews about it.

In the case of VigRX, the manufacturer gives the following as the most common signs of a counterfeited product:

    • White powder since genuine VigRX tablet looks like pepper;
    • Absence of the Leading Edge Health barcode; and
    • Lower prices than advertised on the official website unless the products are being offered at a discount by the manufacturer

Tip: Look for spelling and grammar errors because these are usually the signs of poor reproductions or poor quality products. Look for colors that do not match the advertised colors on the bottle based on the advertisements.


Beware Of Very Low Prices

When a company charges substantially less price for a male enhancement product than the manufacturer and other retailers, be aware that this is indeed a red flag. Why sell an otherwise genuine product at an apparent loss unless it is a fake product in the first place?

In the case of the VigRX, the typical price for a 1-month supply is $76.99 while a 2-month supply is at $143.99 – reasonable prices considering the positive benefits that come with regular and proper use.

Ultimately, your vigilance as a consumer can mean the difference between buying a genuine, safe and effective male enhancement product like VigRx and falling for a scam.

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