If you are reading this, then I think it is safe to assume that you are like so many other guys, in that you would really love to add a bit of length and girth to where it matters the most.

Trust me, while many guys are too embarrassed to admit, most guys would love to have a larger penis than the one they were born with, but is it actually possible to increase penis size?

Before I attempt to answer this question, let’s take a look at the various options you have if you do indeed want to try and increase the size of you penis:

  1. Male Enhancement Surgery
  2. Penis Extenders
  3. Penis Pumps
  4. Make Enhancement Pills
  5. Penis Enlargement Exercises

Male Enhancement Surgery

Surgery is often said to be the only guaranteed means of increasing penis size, both in terms of length and girth.

Yes, of course surgeons can give you a bigger penis, but it is darn expensive; it doesn’t always produce the sort of gains you were hoping for, and most alarmingly, if can severely impact the quality of your erections.

Penis Extenders

These can certainly add some length and even a bit of girth, but you will need to fork out money for a really good one. You will also need to have it attached to your penis for around 1 to 2 hours per day for several months.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps do not and cannot permanently increase the size of your penis.

They can be useful if your erections are not as firm as you would like them to be, but that is pretty much all they are good for. In other words, they will give you good hard erection which of course will result in you have a slightly longer looking penis, but once you are finished ejaculating, those size gains will once again vanish.

Penis Exercises

Certain exercises can bring about permanent results, despite what some folk might try and tell you. Take it from me, they do work, but it requires lots of dedication and self-discipline, and I would also recommend using something like Vigrx Plus.

Vigrx Plus is the best penis enlargement pill (no kidding!) which should ideally be taken alongside your penis exercise regimen. As an added bonus, exercises can also give you a lot more control over your orgasms. I’m sure you can appreciate the benefits of this.

Even if you don’t suffer from premature ejaculation, there are many times when it can be a huge advantage if you are physically able to delay orgasm.

If you persevere enough, you could also reach a point where you are able to enjoy multiple orgasms, and believe me, when a guy can go for multiple orgasms, his partner benefits from it just as much, if not more so. Here are the penis exercises you need to focus on:


When you do kegel exercises, you are working the same muscle which you would use if you were to try and stop the flow of urine while you are urinating.

Just imagine you are having a pee, and then try to cut off the flow. The great thing about these exercises is the fact that you can do them discreetly as often as you want and whenever you want. These are particularly good for helping to control ejaculation.


This is pretty much self-explanatory, in that it simply involves stretch your penis while it is in a flaccid state. The most practical way to do this would to attach a weight to your penis.

The amount of weight and the duration of your stretching sessions can be increased gradually as you progress, but never add excessive weight. If you experience any pain or serious discomfort, reduce the weight accordingly.

Again, I would definitely recommend using a product like Vigrx Plus in conjunction with your penis exercise regimen. The same applies should you decide to use a penis extender for stretching purposes.


Without trying to sound crude, jelqing is much the same as milking a cow. It works best if it is done with the penis in a semi-erect state, but can also be done with a flaccid penis.

Naturally, it is advisable to use lubrication while jelqing. The only real obstacle with this exercise is the fact that it can feel very pleasurable, in which often means you end up getting an erection.

Don’t worry if this happens. Just enjoy yourself and try again tomorrow. As with many things, practice makes perfect.

Final Conclusion

I have been fortunate enough to discover that by using a combination of penis exercises and a good quality male enhancement pill like Vigrx Plus, it is certainly possible to increase both the length and girth of your penis.

Don’t expect the impossible, but if you think you would be happy even with modest gains, then this is probably a great combination for you to try.

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Not all semen increase pills work as promised by their manufacturers. The marketing promise, of course, is increasing the quantity, perhaps even the quality, of semen ejaculated during orgasm.

Keep in mind that the average ejaculate among healthy adult men is 3 to 5 milliliters (approximately 1/2 to 1 teaspoon).

These three semen increase pills, fortunately, work as well as their manufacturers promised based on customer testimonials.

These male-targeted nutritional supplements have been ranked based on their:

    • Safety and efficacy
    • Price in relation to their results (i.e., value for money)
    • And customer support (i.e., customer services, fast and discreet shipping, and money back guarantee)


#1 Volume Pills

Considered as the best semen increase pills among consumers and critics alike, Volume Pills contain two effective ingredients, namely, Solidin and Drilizen. Solidin is the precursor to a feel-good hormone, dopamin, released during sex.

Drilizen improves the production of nitric oxide, a chemical necessary in the production of testosterone.

Note: Healthy testosterone production is crucial for healthy sperm and semen production. Thus, boosting testosterone levels aids in increasing semen volume.

Each one-month supply costs $65 but it is an expense justified by the positive results. Majority of users report gradual yet observable results from regular and proper use of Volume Pills in just 4 weeks, said results of which include increased semen volume as well as better erections, orgasms, and sex drive.

Volume Pills are also easy to take – once a day with a meal and plenty of water. Since the ingredients are all natural chemical compounds and herbal extracts, safety is a given when taking the pills; but it still pays to look at the ingredients list to ensure that none will cause allergies for each individual case.

Other positive aspects going for Volume Pills are the money back guarantee and satisfactory customer service. It’s no wonder then that it is the number 1 semen increase pills in the market today.


Click To Visit Volume Pills’ Official Website Now


#2 Semenax

Semenax comes close to Volume Pills in terms of value for money (i.e., price in relation to results). Buyers spend $155 for a 3-month supply, which will then provide them the opportunity to enjoy the product’s benefits.

The semen increase supplement is manufactured by cGMP, a reputable pharmaceuticals company, in industry-standard facilities.

Its ingredients, which include cranberry extract, muira puama, and vitamins, are all natural and organic substances chosen for their safety and efficacy in boosting semen volume. Such choice in ingredients means little to no side effects – certainly a plus for men and their partners who want to enjoy the benefits but not the fits, so to speak.

According to majority of its satisfied users, regular and proper use (i.e., one pill a day) of Semenax results in increased semen volume by as much as 300%; increased sexual pleasure because greater semen volume has a positive effect on self-confidence in bed; and better erections since many of the ingredients promote healthy blood flow into the penis.

Aside from these positive results, buyers of Semenax also enjoy the 60-day 100% money back guarantee as well as promos and discounts.


Click To Visit Semenax’s Official Website Now


#3 Performer 5

Rounding off the list is Performer 5, a male enhancement product that increases the size (i.e., length and girth) of the penis as well as improves erections (i.e., firmer with longer-lasting results). Its added benefit is increased semen volume and force, thus, making Performer 5 an asset in enjoying better sexual function and performance.

At £39.99 (approximately $69) for a one-month supply, Performer 5 also provides for good value for the money. Its potency, like all effective male enhancement products, rests on its ingredients – and Performer 5 certainly has plenty of proven ingredients.

These ingredients include zinc, L-arginine, DL-malic acid, L-glycine, beta glucans, and creatine monohydrate. Each ingredient works in synergy with the others to provide users with increased stamina for sex, improved erections, and enhanced ejaculations, among other benefits.

When buying any of these semen increase pills, be sure to read the customer testimonials, scientific studies, and other evidence available online. You want to make sure that, indeed, these nutritional supplements can address your needs and wants in increasing semen volume, among other goals.

Click To Visit Performer5’s Official Website Now


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Semen increase pills are popular among men – and perhaps among their partners – who want to increase the quantity of their ejaculate during orgasms. Such popularity can be attributed to the close association between the quantity of semen ejaculated and the man’s virility and fertility.

The rationale: The greater the amount of ejaculated semen, the greater the perceived virility (i.e., manliness) and fertility (i.e., more semen equals more sperm for fertilization of the female’s eggs) of the man.

The question then is: Do these semen volume increase pills work?

Yes, these and these products work but results will vary between individuals depending on several factors like brand and the potency of its ingredients as well as the age, physical condition, and lifestyle (i.e., diet) habits of users.

Semen Production Explained

To understand how these male-targeted nutritional supplements work, we must first understand the semen production process. Semen is produced in and originates from the seminal vesicles, a pair of small tubular glands located near the prostate, but it has other components, too.

During ejaculation, the fluids from the seminal vesicles as well as the bulbourethral glands and the prostate, mix with the sperm to produce semen.

Each of the fluids have distinct characteristics – the seminal vesicles have a yellowish viscous fluid with fructose, which makes up 70% of the semen; the prostate produces a whitish to clear fluid with citric acid, proteolytic enzymes, and acid phosphatase; and the bulbourethral glands add clear secretions to the mix.

Sperm only comprises 1% of the semen with the rest composed of the abovementioned fluids. On average, adult men can secrete semen anywhere from 3 to 5 milliliters (1 teaspoon is equal to 5 milliliters as a point of reference).

The amount of semen ejaculated will change with age – highest between 30-35 years and lowest upon reaching 55 years.

Semen Boost Lies In The Ingredients


The manufacturers of semen increase pills make their products with the main goal of increasing semen – not sperm per se – production among users. Since semen is produced inside the body, it stands to reason that these products are formulated to stimulate the body’s semen production process via nutrients.

The secret of semen increase pills then lies in the choice of effective ingredients! Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggest that the following ingredients (i.e., herbal extracts, natural chemical compounds, and proprietary blends) are effective in stimulating semen production with regular and proper dosages.

    • Solidin, a powerful precursor of dopamine, the feel-good hormone released during sex.
    • Drilizen, a substance that boosts nitric oxide production
    • Bombyx mori, a herbal extract rich in minerals, amino acids and proteins essential for healthy semen production
    • Stinging nettles extract, a herbal an extract known to boost testosterone production and, hence, semen production
    • Wild yam root, a plant proven to lessen the risks for prostate-related issues including reduced sperm production
    • Jujube extract, a potent extract rich in vitamins (e.g., A, B, and C) and minerals (e.g., calcium, phosphorus, and calcium), all of which are essential in healthy sexual function
    • Siberian ginseng extract, a traditional Chinese medicinal herb used as an aphrodisiac because it promotes sexual energy and function
    • White willow extract, a herbal extract that can promote better blood flow
    • Cayenne extract, a cayenne-based substance abundant in vitamins and minerals, thus, its use as an aphrodisiac

Other ingredients include pumpkin seed, cranberry extract, and muira puama, to name a few more.

Keep in mind that no single ingredient can boost semen production by itself but with the synergy of ingredients, larger volumes of semen can be achieved with the regular and proper use of semen increase pills.

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Before going around checking out the penis size of other men in the locker room with a measuring tape with the goal of discovering the average size of the male appendage, stop and think about it.

Scientists have already measured the penis of men around the globe so there’s no need to go to such great lengths.



Under And Over Estimation

Keep in mind, too, that measuring penis size is not as simple as taking a measuring tape to measure the length, width and girth of a flaccid and erect penis. Scientists usually measure penis size at different times because it will be affected by arousal level, frequency of social activity, and time of day including room temperature.

In most studies, men tend to report larger and longer flaccid and erect penis size on average based on self-measurements in comparison with scientific measurements for many reasons.

The bottom line: You may be underestimating or overestimating your penis size in relation to the penis size of other men, which is a common occurrence in males.


No Implications On Lengths

Unlike breasts in women, the size of the penis cannot be implied from either its flaccid or erect length. Flaccid penis length, for example, is a poor starting point for erect penis length as an apparently small penis at its flaccid state can grow in size to more than average when erect.

Think of it this way: Some smaller penises at their flaccid state can grow much longer while some larger penises at their flaccid state can grow comparatively less.

Again, several physical and physiological factors will affect the flaccid and erect length of the penis in a single man at different times of the day and at different phases of his life.

These factors include your age, physical condition (i.e., certain disorders like hypertension and erectile dysfunction will adversely affect the capability to achieve and maintain erections), and arousal level as well as environmental factors.

For example, you may have observed that your erection appears to be smaller in length and girth in a cold room or when you are nervous. Don’t worry – this is an involuntary reaction known as shrinkage, which is the result of the cremaster muscle’s action.

But there are men whose penis size fall well below the average size – men with micropenises who comprise 0.6% of the male population.

The condition is defined as an adult penis with an erect length less than 7 centimeters but otherwise normally formed (i.e., no physical and physiological defects including underlying diseases).


Measuring Up

So, how do you measure up? Keep in mind first that every man’s penis is unique in its own way and that it should not be the be-all and end-all of your existence, much less your sexual adequacy.

Men’s penises can be long and thin, wide and short, and long and large in the same way that women’s breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Yours may, in fact, fall within the average man’s penis size.

    • Get into a room with warm temperature like your bathroom. Be sure to measure as soon as you undress.
    • Measure your penis with a measuring tape at both its flaccid and erect state.
    • Compare your penis size to the average size of the penis around the world. (And stop fretting while you are at it)


Here Are The Average Sizes Of The Male Penis:

    • Erect length from shaft to base 5.8 inches
    • Erect girth around the base of the penis 5 inches around, which translates to 1.6 inches in diameter
    • Erect angle 106.8 degrees (Stand with your back against the wall to estimate your angle. 180 degrees, it points at your chin; 90 degrees, it points directly ahead; zero degree, it points at your feet)
    • Flaccid length is 3.43 inches

If you are a relatively healthy male adult with a healthy sex life, you should measure up, perhaps even exceed, to the average penis size from around the world. If you want to enjoy a larger and longer penis, there are always the penis enhancement pills and manual exercises.

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Male enhancement products are all marketed as the best products for increasing the length and girth of the penis as well as in prolonging its erection periods.

Consumers particularly males can choose from several products including pills, patches and pumps as well as extenders and exercises with each product using different techniques for penile enlargement.

But a few penile enhancement products are better than the rest. Let’s take a look at these products and see which ones merit your trial and which ones are better left off as scams.




Penis enlargement pills are obviously manufactured with ingredients that promote larger and longer penises in men. The most common ingredients include plant extracts from the likes of:

    • horny goat weed
    • saw palmetto
    • ginseng
    • nutrients like B-complex
    • folate and zinc
    • and special proprietary mixtures

These ingredients complement each other in the achievement of two main goals:

    • Increase blood circulation to the penis
    • Improve on the health of penis in particular and the body in general

Keep in mind that, during erection, the penis becomes engorged with blood such that the more blood circulation to the organ, the greater the erection in terms of length, girth and duration.

Since the penis depends on the body’s overall blood circulation to pump blood through its blood vessels, it makes sense to promote good health in the former, too.

Penile enlargement pills are arguably the most popular products in its category for several reasons:

    • For one thing, these contain safe, effective and natural ingredients that scientists and consumers have proven beneficial in increasing penile length and girth.
    • For another thing, these can be taken as nutritional supplements – no piece of equipment to wrestle with, for example.

You can find more about pills here. If you would like to know about the best product, I recommend you to check out this review



exercisePenile enlargement exercises refer to the variety of manual manipulation techniques applied on the penis with the goal of lengthening and widening its size. The most common exercises are:

Stretching and jelqing exercises are designed to stretch the penile tissues and to stimulate blood circulation to the penis. The principle can be explained as: In the process of stretching the penis, microscopic tears form on the cellular level, which the body will then repair by generating new penile cells to bridge the gap.

The massaging motions also encourage more blood to flow to the penile blood vessels. In time, the blood vessels increase in size, thus, enabling it to accommodate a greater amount of blood flow during




Penis extenders are actually traction devices designed to stretch the penis via mechanical means. Basically, the penis will be placed into the traction device and screws will be used to secure the organ into place. If you would like to know more about how do penis extenders work, check out this post by Dario McNut

As the penis lengthens with regular use, the screws are adjusted little by little until the desired penis length is achieved.

Well, at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work in theory but real life is another story. For one thing, penis extenders must be worn for 6-8 hours in a day – or the time you spend sleeping at night – for several months before the supposed enlargement becomes visible – or perhaps not.

For another thing, these traction devices can result in injuries like scar tissues on the penis from prolonged use.




Penis pumps are essentially vacuum devices. A typical penis pump, for example, is a cylinder-shaped device fitted over the penis wherein a pump then creates a partial vacuum around the organ; either a manual or motorized pump is used.

As the vacuum around the penis increases, the blood pressure level in the penile blood vessels also increases. The intended result: Larger and longer erections.

But like extenders, the use of pumps has its fair share of risks. These vacuum devices can form blisters and burst blood vessels on the penis, for example, which no man wants to experience for himself.




Penis patches are similar to nicotine patches. These are designed to deliver active ingredients to the circulatory system via the skin, said ingredients of which are supposed to improve blood circulation and increase penis size.

But there is little evidence that these patches work. The ingredients, for example, may not even pass through the skin’s multiple barriers before being diluted.



Which of these penis enlargement methods are the best? We have to say that the combination of the supplements and the manual exercises is the most effective method in lengthening and widening penile size.

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Penis enlargement surgery refers to the invasive procedure of increasing either – or both, in many cases – the penile length or the penile girth.

Many surgeons in the United States are actually offering the procedure but it must be emphasized that the technologies used are not yet as proven as, say, breast enlargement techniques so complications are still aplenty.



Determining Suitable Patients

Contrary to popular notion, penile surgery has been around for decades. It was first offered in 1971 for men with severe penile shortening caused by:

    • Congenital abnormalities like micropenis where the adult penis size measures less than 7 centimeters but are otherwise normal in physiology (i.e., anatomy).
    • Surgical complications brought by procedures intended to address penile cancer or Peyronie’s disease
    • Physical trauma brought by accidental or deliberate amputation

It was not until the late 1980s, however, when penile enlargement surgery was performed for cosmetic reasons with the techniques first described in detail in 1990.

But the techniques used today are still worrisome despite the advances in modern medical science and technology considering the types, severity and frequency of post-surgery complications, not to mention the often unsuccessful results.

Nowadays, men who have the deep pockets and the deep motivation to address their perceived shortcomings in the penile aspect are more likely to undergo the surgery, never mind the risks. But this should not be, as we will explain later!


Lengthening The Penis

The most popular penile enhancement surgery is penile lengthening for good reasons – men want longer penises more than they want larger penises, for example. The surgery involves cutting the penis’ suspensory ligament and then attaching new skin to cover its new length.

The results are not as impressive as most clinics report. The few reliable reports on the subject report negligible increases in flaccid length – just 0.5 centimeters in length for suspensory alignment and 1.6 centimeters for skin advancement.

But the disappointments do not stop here. First, the erect penis basically has the same size between pre- and post-surgery, which is big disappointment in itself. Second, the erect penis now points downward!


Because the suspensory ligament, which aids in keeping the penis pointing upwards during an erection, has now been divided and, thus, the support has been removed.


Increasing The Thickness

The surgery involved in increasing the girth of the penis can be performed on its own or as part of the penile lengthening procedure.

Two techniques are used, namely:

    • Injection of fat gathered from either the thighs or the abdomen into the skin of the penile shaft
    • Placement of skin grafts and fat harvested from the buttocks or the groin into the penile shaft

Don’t expect better results here either. Up to 90% of the fat grafts can disappear within a year, not to mention that the post-surgery complications can lead to a smaller, if not deformed, penis in the long run.


Suffering From Complications

And speaking of complications, most patients not only suffer from disappointing results but also from moderate to severe complications including:

    • The risks for infections and bleeding are high
    • The penis appears to arise from the scrotum instead of the abdominal wall (scrotalization)
    • The fat is reabsorbed into the body resulting in loss of girth
    • The penis has a deformed appearance because of nodule formation and irregular fatty lumps

The bottom line: You should not touch penile enlargement surgery with a ten-foot pole!

Instead, you should turn to safe, natural and effective methods like penile enhancement pills and manual penile exercises as well as counseling from a sexual therapist, if necessary. You will soon observe significant penile enlargement.

The combination of the male enhancement supplements and manual penile exercises can be considered as a one-two effective punch against a relatively smaller penis in comparison with the average penis of most men.

Both act on penis enlargements by increasing blood circulation to the genital organ while also improving on its control (i.e., erection and ejaculation).

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Before going into panic mode about low testosterone levels, keep in mind that the gradual decrease of testosterone in men is a natural function of aging. According to the Mayo Clinic, beginning at the age of 30, men will experience a slow yet sure dip in their testosterone levels by approximately 1 percent with each passing year.

Lest you start thinking that you may also be one of the few with low testosterone level, the American Diabetes Association says that more than 13 million men have the condition. Don’t fret because you are neither alone nor adrift in hopelessness; testosterone therapy is available.


Functions Of The Male Hormone

Testosterone is known as the male hormone because of its crucial role in the maintenance of many important bodily functions in men. These functions include:

    • sex drive
    • sperm production
    • red blood cell production
    • muscle mass/strength
    • bone density
    • fat distribution

As such, the decrease in the levels of testosterone usually brings about significant physical and psychological changes. Even without any measurement tools, you will most likely experience said changes especially as you advance in years.


Sexual Function Of Testosterone

Men like you then have a valid reason to be worried about their declining testosterone levels. You may experience several symptoms related to sexual function including but not limited to:

    • lesser desire for sex
    • reduced state of arousal as evidenced by smaller erections and/or shorter periods of erection
    • fewer spontaneous erection such as during sleep
    • infertility

This is the reason behind the popular notion that testosterone determines a man’s sex drive.


Low Libido Causes And Testosterone

But such a popular notion is not exactly the entire story here. While low testosterone levels can lessen your ability to achieve and maintain erections, thus, enjoy satisfying sex, testosterone is not the sole factor either in both your sex drive and sexual performance.

Keep in mind that defining “normal sex drive” is virtually next to impossible for the following reasons:

    • Sex drive in men slowly decline from its peak during teenage years and well into the 20s before tapering off in the 30s when testosterone levels also slowly decrease
    • Men define their sex drive in subjective ways such that what you may consider as low libido may not be so for another man.
    • Men will experiences differences in their sex drive over time with factors like level of stress, lack of sleep, and number of opportunities for sex affecting their libido.

The bottom line: You may have relatively low testosterone levels but you may have maintained your sex drive, more or less, because of factors like good physical fitness, ready partner for sex, and positive attitude.

Or you may have normal testosterone levels yet still lag behind on libido, which may either be reported by yourself or by your partner.

But in cases when testosterone levels are sufficiently lowered, virtually all men will report moderate to severe decline in their sex drive. It’s in the physiology of the human body.

Keep in mind that chronically low testosterone levels are just one of the many causes of lower libido or lesser sex drive. Other causes include:

    • depression
    • sleep deprivation
    • physical and psychological stress
    • chronic medical illness like diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Scientists have yet to discover the exact workings behind the impact of low testosterone levels on male sexual drive. So stop fretting and start taking action instead by asking your doctor about possible treatments.

Ask about testosterone therapy, psychological counseling, and treatment for an underlying medical illness, among other options. For example, you may be suffering from extreme physical and psychological stress, thus, your inability to achieve and maintain an erection, much less perform foreplay on your partner, during sex.

Professional counseling coupled with effective stress management techniques will certainly help.

Getting back your sex drive is possible even with low testosterone levels. But you have to act as soon as possible!

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how to

Male enhancement products including supplements and devices abound in the market especially on online sites. But not all of these products are manufactured equal in terms of safety, efficacy and value for money so it makes sense to adopt the following strategies in separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.


Become an Online Detective

If you are worried about spending money on counterfeit male enhancement products that may have harmful effects on your health, you should become an online detective.

    • Read the reviews of the products on online message boards, community forums, and dedicated review sites. Be careful about separating the hype from the truth about these products – it it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.
    • Read the tips for detecting counterfeit products on the websites of manufacturers, distributors and retailers selling the original products. In the case of one of the leading male enhancement supplements, these tell-tale signs are discussed for the information of interested buyers.
    • Check the claims made by the manufacturer about the product. Again, if it’s too good to be true like longer and larger penis by, say, 3 inches, then it probably is.

Being on the side of cautious can pay off in dividends in terms of getting genuine, safe and effective male enhancement products.


Check Out The Merchant

Aside from the product, check out the merchant, too. Think of it this way: The merchant may be selling the real McCoy but his selling practices may not be reliable, much less legal. Many issues ranging from non-delivery of the items even after payment to non-returnable defective items can crop up with such unreliable merchants.

Tip: Look for the merchant’s contact information. You should be able to get in touch with the company via various channels including emails, telephone via toll-free numbers, and a physical address.

You may also try to contact the company even before ordering and paying for the products just to be on the safe side.


Look For Security Features

Genuine Stamp Showing Real Certified ProductMost reliable manufacturers of safe and effective male enhancement products like VigRX will include security features as a protection measure for their customers.

These security features are usually difficult to replicate or require entering verification codes into a website, which can then be compared with the information on genuine products on its database.

For example, VigRX labels have verification codes that can be entered into the appropriate box at the manufacturer’s official website. When the verification code is accepted, then the product is indeed genuine. You can check if the product is genuine here


Examine The Product in Person

If possible, order a small batch that will not drain your wallet just to examine the product up close; this is possible with male enhancement supplements. Better yet, ask a friend who bought the product and then ask for a single tablet and/or check the bottle for your closer study regardless of his positive reviews about it.

In the case of VigRX, the manufacturer gives the following as the most common signs of a counterfeited product:

    • White powder since genuine VigRX tablet looks like pepper;
    • Absence of the Leading Edge Health barcode; and
    • Lower prices than advertised on the official website unless the products are being offered at a discount by the manufacturer

Tip: Look for spelling and grammar errors because these are usually the signs of poor reproductions or poor quality products. Look for colors that do not match the advertised colors on the bottle based on the advertisements.


Beware Of Very Low Prices

When a company charges substantially less price for a male enhancement product than the manufacturer and other retailers, be aware that this is indeed a red flag. Why sell an otherwise genuine product at an apparent loss unless it is a fake product in the first place?

In the case of the VigRX, the typical price for a 1-month supply is $76.99 while a 2-month supply is at $143.99 – reasonable prices considering the positive benefits that come with regular and proper use.

Ultimately, your vigilance as a consumer can mean the difference between buying a genuine, safe and effective male enhancement product like VigRx and falling for a scam.

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Many misconceptions abound about male enhancement pills – their ingredients, effects and side effects, for example. To set the record straight, here are the frequently asked questions about these make-centered supplements that every interested male – and perhaps their female partners – should know.


What Are These Pills?

Male enhancement pills are over-the-counter supplements taken by men that aid in the enhancement of their overall sexual health. It must be emphasized that these pills usually come in two types, namely, those that enhance the length and width of the penis and those that increase the ability to maintain an erection.

In the case of the leading male enhancement supplement – VigRX Plus (full review here), of course – it belongs to the second category. In a scientific study involving 75 relatively healthy men between the ages of 25 and 50 who were instructed to take 2 capsules per day for 12 weeks, the results were impressive.

The study was conducted by the Vedic LifesciencesPvt. Ltd. (you can find our more about this study here) using International Index of Erectile Function to assess the results, which included:

    • 62.82% of the participants reported an increase in their ability to maintain their erections
    • 58.97% asserted an increase in their ability for vaginal penetration
    • 71.43% reported an increase in their sexual satisfaction


What Are The Ingredients?

Each brand of male enhancement supplement has its own list of ingredients. For VigRX, the ingredients include:

    • Bioprene (Piper nigrum L)
    • Damiana (Turneraaphrodisiaca)
    • Epimedium Leaf Extract (EpimediumSagittatum)
    • Ginkgo Leaf (Ginkgo biloba)
    • Panax Ginseng
    • Saw Palmetto Berry (FructusSerenoae)
    • Muira Pauma BarkExtract
    • Catuaba Bark Extract (ErythroxylumCatuaba)

Each of these ingredients have their own special effect on satisfactory to excellent penis erection but all of them work toward a single goal – to make the smooth muscles and their corresponding blood vessels in the penis to relax and dilate (open up), thus, allowing for more blood flow.

The greater blood flow to the penis, the better its erection and the better the man’s sexual performance.


Who Can Take The Supplements?

Males above legal age, in relatively good health, and with the desire to increase their sexual health can take male enhancement supplements. Younger males like teenagers are strongly discouraged from taking these pills because of the potential side effects on their normal sexual development.

Adult males falling under the following categories must first consult with their doctors about the safety of taking male enhancement supplements:

    • With a history of underlying medical conditions (i.e., diabetes)
    • On medications known to result in sexual dysfunction
    • With liver or kidney dysfunction or disorders
    • Erection issues resulting from low testosterone levels

Women especially pregnant women are also strongly advised against taking male enhancement supplements because these have neither been tested on females nor formulated for their use.


When Can These Results Be Seen?

As with all nutritional supplements, the effects will vary from one person to the next depending on his age, physical condition, and underlying health issues, among other factors.

Males who are relatively healthy – no major psychiatric disorders, deformities of the penis, and sexually transmitted diseases as well as history of chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes – will enjoy better results within a shorter period than men who may have issues affecting their penile and overall health.

In the case of VigRX, most men will enjoy the positive results within 3 months. Continuous ingestion of the male enhancement supplement will sustain these results.


What Other Methods Are Necessary For Best Results?

Although male enhancement pills are effective in their own right, as evidenced by the above mentioned results, experts suggest using manual male enhancement exercises for best results. Just make sure that these exercises are safe to apply on the penis since it is a delicate organ in many respects.

The penile exercises include jelqing, PC clenching, and basic stretching, to name just a few. If you would like to know more about these top 3 exercises in details i recommend you to check out this post at bestmaleenhancement.me (you’ll find how to videos there too!)


What Are The Side Effects?

Since the above mentioned ingredients are natural, there are little to no side effects. If there are, these are usually limited to palpitations and headaches for the first few days and then can be resolved on their own. Just make sure to follow all dosage instructions of 2 times a day after meals.

It is also important to purchase male enhancement supplements like VigRX from reputable online sellers preferably from the manufacturers’ official website. Check the validation codes, if any, on the bottle of the supplement just to be on the safe side.

Doing your research on the product is always a good idea to avoid scams selling ineffective, if not unsafe, supplements that can worsen your sexual health instead of improving on it.

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Male enhancement pills are obviously formulated to address many of the sex-related needs and wants among men.

Most, if not all, men who take these male enhancement supplements want to increase their ability to maintain an erection coupled with an increase in quality and quantity of orgasms, to enhance their sex drive, desire and satisfaction, and to improve on their sense of confidence while in bed with their partners.


The Overall Effect On Virility

Male enhancement supplements mainly work by increasing the quantity and quality of blood flow to the penile area. The increase in blood flow is achieved by the expansion of the blood vessels in the penis itself – the larger the expansion in the vessels, the more blood can flow into them.


Understanding the effect of male enhancement pills on the quantity and quality of erections requires a basic understanding of the penile erection process itself.

In its flaccid state, the smooth muscles and cavernous smooth musculature in the penis are minimally contracted, which allows just a small amount of blood to flow to the arteries for nutritional purposes.

In short, a non-erect penis is only in a state of moderate contraction, which can be seen with shrinkage during cold weather and after injection of phenylephrine.

When sexual stimulation is present (i.e., the man sees erotic images or receives erotic attention like a blowjob), the brain releases neurotransmitters to the smooth muscles that, in turn, causes these to relax.

Many events soon follow that further increases the erect state of the penis including the expansion of the arteries and the increase in blood flow to it.

The penis then is raised, so to speak, from its dependant position to its fully erect position.

Such is the increase in blood flow to the penis during erection that it has at least two times higher blood pressure than that in the entire body’s main circulation!

Indeed, male enhancements pills carefully formulated to promote healthy blood vessels are more likely to be effective at increasing penile blood circulation and, hence, improving the quality and quantity of erections.

In case of the leading male enhancement supplement – VigRX Plus (you can see the full review here or check out this review too) – the increased blood flow will be manifested in just 84 days. According to a clinical study:

    • Over 62% of male participants enjoyed an increase in their ability to maintain their erections,
    • Nearly 59% expressed better ability for vaginal penetration,
    • And 61% expressed increase in overall sexual satisfaction

Truly, impressive results!


The Secret Is In the Ingredients

What makes VigRx highly effective as a male enhancement supplement? The secret is in the ingredients – their types, quality and quantity including but not limited to:

    • Bioperine (Piper nigrum L)
      Improves the bioavailability of the other ingredients by as much as 30%. This means that the body can more safely and effectively absorb the nutrients in the other ingredients, thus, increasing the supplement’s efficacy.
    • Damiana (Turneraaphrodisiaca)
      Has been used for centuries to increase sexual endurance, improve sexual performance, and promote better orgasms, which have been proven by scientific studies.
    • Epimedium Leaf Extract (EpimediumSagittatum)
      Acts as a powerful PDE-5 inhibitor, which means that it increases the level of relaxation in the penis’ smooth muscles including their arterioles.
    • Ginkgo Leaf (Ginkgo biloba)
      Has been shown to increase all four phases of the sexual cycle, namely, desire, excitement, orgasm, and afterglow. It may also aid in the relaxation of the corpus cavernousum’s muscles, which results in better erections.
    • Panax Ginseng
      Also known as Asian red ginseng, has also been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac. Scientific studies have also pointed to its beneficial effects on male sexual performance including in the improvement of sexual stamina, endurance and function resulting in enhanced overall sexual satisfaction on both the man and his partner.
    • Saw Palmetto Berry (FructusSerenoae)
      Works by preventing the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone believed to result in an enlarged prostate. It also relaxes the smooth muscle tissues and increases blood flow to the penis.

Ultimately, male enhancement pills will produce the best results when these are paired with manual male enhancement exercises like the basic stretch, the horizontal movement, and the PC clenches.

Adopting health lifestyle habits helps, too!