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Hydro pumps are penis extension devices that have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. The use of water in the tube makes the wearing of the pump much more comfortable and it distributes the pressure evenly.

Bath-Mate is one of the popular brand names in this segment. The product is made of high quality materials and it offers simple, comfortable and safe penis enlargement possibilities.


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How Does Bath-Mate Work?

Bath-Mate is a water-based penis enlargement device. It relies on suction and the liquid is used to enhance the results and to guarantee the even distribution of the pressure.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the device can be used to deliver an increase of two inches in penis length and up to one inch in girth.

The tube gets filled with warm water and a manual pump is available to compress and seal the cylinder around the base of the penis. This procedure produces immediate results but the size will decrease soon after.

Long term use of the device will be needed to guarantee permanent penis enlargement.


Additional Information

Using the device frequently and for a certain period of time will result in permanent length and girth increase.

The water used in the pump makes it different from the enhancement devices that rely solely on air. As the water is expelled from the cylinder, the penile tissue will be expanded to fill the gaps. Water is incompressible, which is why the results are almost immediate.

The Bath-Mate pumps come in several kits:

    • Hercules is the original Bath-Mate product
    • Goliath is designed for well-endowed men
    • Hydromax X30 provides nearly 35 percent more suction than Hercules and there is added padding for more comfort
    • Hydromax X40 is the final possibility under the Bath-Mate brand name. It provides 35 percent more suction than Hercules and it has features similar to those of Hydromax X30. The only difference is that Hydromax X40 is especially designed for the needs of larger men.


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Bath-Mate pump works because the principle is incredibly simple and its efficiency is proven. The vacuum suction forces the blood vessels to expand, which enables more blood to enter the penis.

The use of the suction device results in almost immediate increase in the length of the flaccid penis.

Several other key advantages should be mentioned. If you are interested in purchasing Bath-Mate, you need to know the following:

    • You will get results that are fast and that become sustainable through long term usage
    • The device is suitable for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
    • There are no side effects and using the device is comfortable
    • The device is maintenance free
    • It comes with a guarantee
    • Can be used solely for 15 minutes per day, which makes it more practical than air pumps



The Bath-Mate hydro pump is a high quality piece of male enhancement equipment. It works really well and it delivers just what it promises. Simplicity and quality of the materials are two of its most defining characteristics.

If shortcomings were to be mentioned, the most important ones would be:

    • There is no exercise program provided with the device to speed up penis size increase
    • It requires time to produce permanent penis length and girth increase
    • The first trial may feel a bit uncomfortable until you get used to the technique


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The selection of Bath-Mate penis enlargement cylinders is a quality option for all of the men interested in safe and non-invasive enhancement. The products are made of quality materials and they come with a guarantee.

Hydro cylinders can be used for a very short period of time while taking a shower and they will produce immediately noticeable results.

Increasing the size of the penis is the ultimate goal for many men. Unfortunately, most enlargement methods are either ineffective or too invasive and expensive. Penis enlargement pumps can be classified as an entirely different possibility.

Safe, efficient and easy to use, these devices deliver great results that are sustainable in the long run.

Penomet is one of the popular names on the penis pump market. What makes this pump different and better than other opportunities? The following review will shed some light on its most unique and innovative features.



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How Does Penomet Work?

Penomet is a water-based penis enlargement device, one of the main characteristics that make it different from other products. It can be used in the shower or while taking a bath.

The device gets filled with warm water and attached to the penis. The vacuum and suction that it creates will result in a flaccid penis length and girth increase.

The use of water equalizes pressure inside the cylinder. In addition, its warmth could contribute to achieving the increase faster.

The pressure inside the cylinder forces the penile tissue to expand. As a result, more blood can come inside the penis and cause harder and bigger erections.

The manufacturer claims that since the device is water-based, it can deliver 65 percent faster results in comparison to traditional air pumps.


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Additional Information About The Product

If you are interested in purchasing this penis pump, you will have several possibilities to pick among.

Penomet comes in a standard, an extra and a premium kit. The standard kit includes gaiters that have the same force reading – 70. The extra kit is provided with three different gaiters that can be used to adjust the pressure inside the tube.

The premium kit is the most extensive one. It comes with five different force level gaiters (60, 65, 70, 75 and 80), comfort straps for use in the shower, and a three year warranty. In comparison, the extra kit comes with a two year warranty and the standard kit comes with a one year warranty.

You can choose a kit depending on your penis enlargement needs and budget.



The system is quite innovative and the manner in which it functions guarantees the efficiency of the procedure. Using it is simple – you can put the pump on while having your daily shower.

You will notice the difference immediately after taking the pump off and if you use it in the long run, the size increase will become permanent.

The biggest benefits of giving Penomet a try include:

    • The pump and the gaiters are made of high quality materials that come with a warranty
    • The different strength gaiters come in different colors, which simplifies the use of the pump
    • The product is provided with free shipping
    • The manufacturer has a money-back guarantee policy
    • There are no side effects, Penomet is perfectly safe to use
    • Can be used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease
    • Penomet is equipped with a safety pressure release valve that is very easy to use
    • Using the penis pump is comfortable and painless
    • You get an exercise program that can be used to improve the results


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Penomet is a high quality product and the majority of people that tried the penis pump wrote a positive review about it. Still, this pump has a few minor flaws:

    • It will have to be used consistently and over a period of time to deliver permanent penis size increase
    • Solely available for purchase online



Anyone who is interested in getting safe and efficient penis enlargement should give Penomet a try. The penis pump is made of high quality materials and it is the result of numerous years of research.

Penomet is very simple to use and the results will be noticeable almost immediately. This high quality product is great for every man that wants a self-confidence boost and the ability to enjoy sexual activity to the fullest.

Though premature ejaculation is a really common sexual dysfunction, many men feel too embarrassed about it to look for a solution. The good news is that various natural remedies exist and all of them can be used in the comfort of one’s home.

ProSolution Plus is one such quality possibility. Understanding what ProSolution Plus is and figuring out how it works will help you determine whether this male enhancement supplement is the right one for you.


A Few Photos

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How Does ProSolution Plus Work?

ProSolution Plus is an all-natural supplement that has been clinically tested. It works to enhance sexual performance by improving blood circulation and stimulating testosterone production. Both of these factors are essential for sustainable sexual function.

The ingredients have been put together to provide better ejaculation control and more powerful erections. The product was used during a clinical trial that involved 148 men.

The experiment continued for a period of two months. The men were divided in two groups – one taking ProSolution Plus and one taking a placebo pill.

All of the men that participated in the experiment suffered from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In the end of the two month period, the men that were given ProSolution Plus experienced sexual enhancement in several ways:

    • 64 percent improvement in premature ejaculation occurrences
    • Nearly 70 percent improvement in the quality of erections
    • Almost 80 percent improvement in the level of satisfaction from intimacy

The men that took the placebo experienced solely a 25 percent improvement in sexual function, which leads to the conclusion that ProSolution Plus does deliver important male enhancement benefits.


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Main Ingredients

The ProSolution Plus formula contains various essential ingredients and extracts. The most important ones include:

    • Tribulus terrestris
    • Withania somnifera
    • Asparagus extract
    • Mucuna pruriens
    • Asteracantha longifolia
    • Curculigo orchioides

Many of these have been used as natural aphrodisiacs for centuries. Tribulus terrestris is recognized for its ability to enhance both desire and sexual performance. It contains a compound known as protodioscin that is the one producing the most noticeable male enhancement benefits.



Since this product has natural origin, its use is connected to no side effects. Many pharmaceutical products designed for the purpose of male enhancement come with possible complications, which makes them unsuitable for all men.

ProSolution Plus is a high quality product and its use results in a number of additional benefits:

    • Better sexual performance due to harder erections that can be sustained for a longer period of time
    • All-natural formulation of the product
    • The product comes with a 67 day money-back guarantee
    • Results become visible within three to four weeks and as the supplement ingredients build up in the system, these become sustainable in the long run
    • ProSolution Plus has been tested clinically and the product is recommended by physicians


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Though ProSolution Plus is one of the best possibilities on the natural male enhancement market, the product has a few minor flaws that you need to be aware of before making a purchase:

    • ProSolution Plus is solely available for purchase online
    • The product increases blood flow to the penis, which is why you might consider talking to a physician before getting started with it
    • There is no free international shipping



If you are looking for ways to please your partner while still taking care of your health, ProSolution Plus will work great for you. The product contains no pharmaceutical compounds and it relies solely on the power of natural aphrodisiacs and male enhancement extracts.

As a natural supplement, ProSolution Plus will require time to start delivering benefits.

Within a few weeks, you will notice improvements in your libido, sexual stamina, erections and sexual performance. As you continue taking the supplement, the results will improve even further.

Are you confident when it comes to your sexual performance? Do you get maximum enjoyment and can you say the same about your partner?

Many men are looking for safe and efficient male enhancement possibilities, in order to make intimate experiences even more exciting. Natural Gain Plus is one of the high quality possibilities that the market has to offer.


How Does Natural Gain Plus Work

The natural supplement works alongside a specially-formulated exercise program to deliver the best possible results. According to the manufacturer’s website, Natural Gain Plus can be used to achieve overall sexual boost or the program can address a particular problem that interferes with performance.

By improving the blood circulation in the genital region, Natural Gain Plus can be used to overcome erectile dysfunction and problems like premature ejaculation.

The ingredients that the supplement is made of will also increase libido, boost the overall sexual stamina and potentially deliver penis length increase (as a result of the bigger erections).


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Main Ingredients

The formula of Natural Gain Plus is specially formulated to help men achieve their best in terms of sexual performance. Just like other natural supplements, this one relies on a medley of extracts and essential nutrients that are needed for increasing overall sexual stamina and boosting the libido.

The main active ingredients included in the Natural Gain Plus formula are:

    • Niacin
    • Maca
    • Zinc
    • Catuaba
    • Barenwort
    • Cola seed
    • Ginseng

Niacin affects blood pressure, thus enabling more blood to reach the penile tissue. It is the ingredient responsible for promoting bigger and harder erections. Catuaba is a Brazilian herbal remedy that is a potent aphrodisiac.

The barenwort included in the formula increases sperm count and the cola seed is the one that boosts stamina and results in an overall increase in energy level.


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The most important advantage of this male enhancement formula is its safety. It is very different from pharmaceutical products that cause various side effects and may potentially be dangerous. This product is available without a prescription and the male enhancement that it delivers is safe and non-invasive.

All of the extracts included in the formula of Natural Gain Plus are potent aphrodisiacs, vasodilators and substances affecting the male hormonal balance. As a result, the product does deliver everything promised by the manufacturer. The main benefits of trying Natural Gain Plus are:

    • The supplement has been around for 11 years and there are numerous satisfied buyers
    • The long term use of Natural Gain Plus results in even more noticeable male enhancement
    • There is a 90-day money back guarantee
    • There are no side effects connected to the use of this product
    • An exercise program is available to produce even more noticeable male enhancement
    • The product is provided with two free gifts – ebooks about dating, sexuality and relationship advice



All of the Natural Gain Plus ingredients work and the combination is a really successful one. The various positive customer testimonials prove the qualities of this supplement.

It has just a few shortcomings that we need to include in the review:

    • The supplement is solely available for purchase online
    • It can be seen as somewhat more expensive than other similar products on the market


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Natural Gain Plus is a good male enhancement formula that everybody can try risk-free. If you want to make sure that the supplement is the right one for you, talk to your physician and have your health assessed.

The male enhancement that Natural Gain Plus provides is sustainable in the long run, especially if you complete a longer program.

This is why the supplement can be included in the list of good options for all men that want to make their sexual experiences more exciting and enjoyable for both parties involved.

Increasing sperm count and quantity are both very important if you and your partner are interested in having a child. Sperm quality is a crucially important factor for easy conception.

Unfortunately, numerous lifestyle factors can have a negative impact on male reproductive health, thus decreasing chances of pregnancy.

Vimax Volume Pills is a natural supplement designed to increase sperm volume and improve the sperm cell count. Both of these goals are achieved through the use of natural substances having potent aphrodisiac qualities.

Here is everything that you need to know about Vimax and the manner in which the supplement works.


Couple Photos


How Do Vimax Volume Pills Work?

The Vimax Volume Pills formula is designed to accomplish a number of male enhancement goals. It results in overall potency, increased sperm volume, a better sperm cell count, more powerful ejaculations and an increased libido.

The ingredients improve the flow of blood to the penile tissue, which is essential for erections. The supplement affects the spongy tissue, as well as the intricate mechanism that is responsible for sperm formation.

Since the supplement is natural, men cannot expect to get overnight results. As the ingredients accumulate in the system, however, Vimax Volume Pills delivers sustainable and noticeable improvements in both sexual performance and the ejaculatory function.


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Main Ingredients

All of the ingredients included in the Vimax Volume Pills formula are natural. Some of them have been used by traditional healers for centuries. They are aphrodisiacs that affect testosterone production and improve circulation. The active Vimax ingredients include the following:

    • Lingzhi
      Is a mushroom found in nearly all parts of the world. Traditional Chinese medicine has been relying on its power for more than 4000 years. It boosts testosterone production and triggers a type of anabolic state in men. Thus, it increases libido and delivers harder erections.
    • Fucus vesiculosus
      Improves thyroid function. It is rich in iodine and other essential micronutrients like magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron and sulfur.
    • San guo mu
      The final part of the formula, san guo mu, is the one that regulates blood pressure. It enhances the flow of blood to all parts of the body, which is why the men taking Vimax Volume Pills can experience harder erections that are sustainable over a longer period of time.


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An all-natural male enhancement product, Vimax Volume Pills can be taken without prescription. It is safe, accessible and available in a convenient pill form. All of the natural extracts included in its formula have proven beneficial impact on the male reproductive system.

Several other positive impacts of the product need to be mentioned to draw an accurate picture:

    • There are no known side effects
    • The supplement is suitable for all men, regardless of age and sexual function
    • Both standard and express shipping options are available in the US
    • International shipping options available
    • A two-month money back guarantee, no questions asked


Regardless of the fact that Vimax Volume Pills is a natural and safe supplement, you may consider talking to a physician before getting started with it.

The product is designed to enhance blood flow, which is why your doctor can help you figure out whether it is the right one for you.

The shortcomings of this product are relatively few:

    • Since it is a natural supplement, it will demand a bit of time to deliver its positive effect on sexual potency
    • Just like in the case of any other natural male enhancer, individual results will vary
    • International delivery will sometimes require weeks to be completed due to local customs procedures

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Vimax Volume Pills is a supplement that delivers just what it promises. The product is safe, natural and easy to use. It will enhance potency and sexual performance within a couple of weeks. As the active ingredients build up in your system, you will start noticing even more impressive results.

jes extender gold package

Can the Jes Extender still work in the modern landscape of male enhancement devices? This is a question a lot of men reading my review might be asking. I can understand why they might ask such a question.

The Jes Extender is sometime looked at as a classic extension device. Maybe the older models can be called classic units. The modern ones are produced the the top, cutting edge materials and engineering that can enhance traction based penis growth.


What Is The Jes Extender?

At one time, the common name for a penis traction device was, simply, a Jes Extender. The reason is the name brand Jes Extender was the only male traction device on the market.

Developed in Europe several decades ago, the Jes Extender was created to help straighten out penises that were excessively curved. The device did work as expected and it also deliver a rather pleasant unexpected result.

The length and girth of the penis increased. From this, it was realized continual use of the Jes Extender (in a safe manner) can lead to size increases with the bulk of the increases being length enhancements.


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How Does A Traction Device Work?

The Jes Extender stretches the penis out away from the body and holds it in an extended state. The stretch is not an excessive one, but it is enough to create tension on the cells of the penis and the ligaments by the pubic bone.

Wearing the device for appropriate (not excessive!) durations of time over the course of many months.

The result of such tension on the penis is commonly cellular division. What this means is the cells of the penis begin to divide to release the tension placed on them. This creates more tissue which, in turn, means the penis becomes longer as a result.

The tension can also put secondary stress on the ligaments that connect the penis to the pubic bone. The ligaments may become lengthened allowing more of the inner penis to come out. Hence, the penis can gain length this way, too.

Of course, all penis extender are designed to deliver this same result. The question here is whether or not the Jes Extender has the ability to do do.


The Quality Of The Jes Extender

The Jes Extender might not be the best penis traction device on the market, but it surely is a very well made one. The design enhances the durability of the device and it can hold the penis in place comfortably.

The newer silicon holding device is a great improvement over the original shoe string version that was sold in men’s magazines in prior generations. This is most definitely not a low grade item. A great deal of quality went into the production and manufacturing and it shows.


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Insightful Accessories

While it might seem that using a traction device is self-explanatory, there are bits of advice and information that can be offered to help make getting good results a lot more likely.

The makers of the Jes Extender have opted to give a little extra when you order one of their devices. With an order, you get an instructional DVD and an helpful program to follow.

Thanks to the helpful instructions, getting the most value out of the extender becomes possible. At the very least, one can avoid making common errors that can cause injury.



    • The Jes Extender is one of the longest running male traction devices in production
    • Comfortable and durable design
    • Excellent accessories


    • Not everyone will experience the same results
    • Many months may be required to experience gains

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What more can be said about the Jes Extender? The current versions continue the lengthy history of helping men achieve length gains. While not currently the best on the market, the Jes Extender still is a quality product.


vimax extender unpacked2

Too many men are unhappy with their penis size and if you are one of them, you have probably researched a range of male enhancement options. Extension devices feature among the safest and most efficient possibilities that even surgeons recommend to their patients.

Still, it is important to understand that no two penis extension devices are created equal. The materials used, the design and the availability of additional accessories will be determining for the efficiency and the comfort of the device.

Vimax is one of the popular names in this niche. The following review is designed to help you determine whether the Vimax penis extender is a good pick.


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How Does It Work?

Penis extension devices like Vimax are designed to stretch the penile tissue away from the body. Possibilities like Vimax are clinically tested and very easy to use. In addition, this device is developed by an experienced and certified urologist – Dr. Mario Dumitrascu.

Extension devices use the so-called traction force. It is not harmful to the human body and it can be used to grow tissue. As the penis is stretched, some cells get broken down. Rapid cell replication takes place and new tissue is formed. This tissue formation will result in permanent penis length and girth increase over time.

Vimax penis extender can also be used to overcome issues like Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease can be a really painful and embarrassing condition that is characterized by unusual penis curvature. This curvature could be making intercourse impossible altogether.

Clinical studies show that people suffering from Peyronie’s disease who used Vimax penis extender saw an improvement in curvature ranging between 50 and 90 percent.


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Structure And Main Components

vimax extender unpacked

The Vimax penis extender kit consists of several key components that all contribute to its efficiency:

    • The extension rods are the most important part of the device
    • Extra-protection pad for maximum comfort
    • Rubber straps
    • Detailed user manual

Vimax offers worldwide shipping and the extender will be delivered in plain boxes for maximum discretion.



    • Clinical trials have been conducted to test the efficiency of this penis extension device. After testing the extender for a certain period of time, 98 percent of the volunteers reported a change in penis size.
    • The average growth recorded at the end of the experiment was approximately 30 percent. Men who tried Vimax for the correction of unusual penis curvature saw average improvement of 75 percent in the deviation and they reported much more comfortable and satisfactory sexual activity after using Vimax.
    • Vimax is provided with a 180-day money back guarantee. You can easily test the extender and if you are unhappy with the results, you will get a full refund.
    • The penis extender is solid and made of high quality materials. Most buyers found it exceptionally easy to use and they were happy with the company’s customer support, as well.


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A Few Shortcomings

    • People who suffer from medical conditions that impair proper blood circulation should refrain from trying a penis extension device like Vimax. It is unsuitable for the men suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes and cirrhosis.
    • International shipping for the product is available but it could get a bit expensive. Detailed information about the costs is available on the official Vimax website.
    • Finally, Vimax penis extender is solely available for purchase online and some men view this limitation as a drawback.



Vimax penis extender is clinically tested and developed by an experienced medical professional. This is why most of the men who bought the product gave it four and five star ratings.

The penis extension device is simple to use and incredibly safe. What is more important, it delivers the promised results and with time, it produces permanent increase in both penile length and girth.

Power Precision Big

The perfect body requires a lot of hard work and often, this will be insufficient. Knowing what supplements to use will help you enhance the effects of your intense exercise sessions. Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula is a great possibility because of its natural ingredients.

Go through the following review to learn more about the product and the benefits to expect from it.


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How Does It Work?

Power Precision achieves its results in several ways. For a start, the ingredients that it contains stimulate the natural production of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is essential for building lean muscle mass, losing fat and maintaining ideal weight.

All of the natural ingredients that this supplement contains have been evaluated during clinical trials. Researchers found out that the supplement could be used to:

    • Speed up the growth of muscle tissue
    • Boost energy levels during workout sessions
    • Decrease the recovery period after intense workouts
    • Facilitate fat burning
    • Improve sexual performance and boost libido through naturally higher testosterone levels

Apart from being HGH boosters, the active ingredients that Power Precision contains are metabolic regulators. This is why the formula can be used for a wide range of fitness goals.


Active Ingredients

Power Precision relies on four very important and all-natural ingredients:

    • Nitric oxide
    • A blend of essential amino acids
    • L-Arginine
    • Glutamine


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Nitric oxide regulates the supply of oxygen to muscle tissue. This activity is essential for the synthesis of protein – one of the most important lean muscle tissue building blocks. Nitric oxide improves the transportation of nutrients, as well, once again contributing to faster muscle gain.

L-Arginine improves blood circulation and it is also the key to regulating hormone levels. The formula results in an energy boost that enables participation in more intense workouts and increased capability of getting the desired fitness results within a very short period of time.


Biggest Benefits

    • The formula works and it is all-natural. Power Precision comes without the side effects that are typically associated with a wide range of fitness and lean muscle mass building products. Solely the individuals that are currently taking prescription medications need to talk to a physician and have their health assessed before getting started.
    • Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula is provided with a 30-day free trial period. You can test the product for yourself and figure out whether all the promised effects are true. Most of the men who give Power Precision a try begin experiencing the results within a week of starting to take the supplement.
    • Apart from delivering excellent results for fitness enthusiasts, Power Prevision is also great for the men who want to improve their sexual performance. The ingredients included in the formula improve testosterone levels naturally. As a result, the supplement will boost sexual stamina and libido.


A Few Shortcomings

    • Just like with other lean muscle supplements, you will need to work out in order to see the results. Power Precision is not designed to give you lean muscle mass without exercising. You will still have to put some effort in the process but you will see much better results than the ones most men get through exercise alone.
    • Since it contains solely natural ingredients, Power Precision will demand a bit of time for the results to become evident. Start your program and be patient – you will soon be surprised pleasantly.


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The natural ingredients set Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula apart from other fitness supplements. Apart from helping for faster muscle gain, the supplement will deliver a range of lifestyle benefits.

It can be used to increase energy levels and to improve sexual performance. This supplement works and the majority of men who gave it a try were happy with the outcome. The free trial is an excellent possibility for getting acquainted with the supplement and experiencing its benefits.


Virility VP RX is a male enhancement formula that relies on the power of natural herbs and supplements. The supplement can be used to improve the erectile function and overall sexual performance. The herbal blend will also deliver overall lifestyle benefits.


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How Does It Work?

Since it is a natural product, VP RX requires a bit of time to begin delivering results. Most of the men who tried the supplement reported significant improvement in their sexual performance within a month of getting started.

The formula contains natural aphrodisiacs and substances that improve circulation. As a result of the improved blood flow, men using this supplement will find it easier to get and maintain an erection for a longer period of time. VP RX is also going to have an effect on sexual desire.

Because of the bigger erections, VP RX will also deliver an increase in the length of the penis. Though this increase is not the supplement’s primary purpose, it is an added benefit that a number of men who tried the product got to enjoy.


Active Ingredients

The VP RX formula is 100 percent natural. The supplement relies on a wide range of powerful aphrodisiacs and vasodilators that have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. The most important ingredients are:

    • Hawthorn: used in Chinese medicine to strengthen the heart.
    • Horny goat weed: a very potent aphrodisiac.
    • Damiana: a libido booster.
    • Ginkgo biloba leaf: increases blood flow and improves circulation.
    • Chinese ginseng: delivers an instant energy boost.
    • Tribulus terrestris: a natural extract capable of increasing the testosterone level.
    • Saw Palmetto: used to treat a range of male reproductive problems in traditional medicine.
    • Cayenne: another natural option for improving circulation.


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Each one of these herbs has been used for long periods of time and has proven its general safety. This is why VP RX is considered a much safer male enhancement possibility than pharmaceutical products. If you are interested in starting to use the supplement, talk to your physician to have your health assessed in advance.


Main Benefits

    • The all-natural ingredients of Virility VP RX are the biggest asset. Many herbs are powerful aphrodisiacs that can deliver substantial improvement in sexual performance. Numerous men that tried and reviewed the supplement said that they experienced positive results two to three weeks after starting the program.
    • VP RX is available for purchase both in the US and internationally. The company provides a 60-day money back guarantee, in case you are unhappy with the outcome. Detailed information about the refund policy is available on the product’s official website.
    • This supplement is quite affordable in comparison to some other products on the market. As a result, it has a great price to quality ratio that most of the buyers are very happy about.
    • Finally, the supplement can be purchased from the official website and from other distributors. It is available through large shopping portals like Amazon, which simplifies the process of making a purchase even further.


A Few Shortcomings

    • There are a few basic shortcomings, though most of the reviewers seemed to be quite happy with the results.
    • The cost of international shipping is one of the disadvantages that you will have to deal with, if you live outside the US. You will also be responsible for import taxes and charges, so do your research in advance.
    • If you are looking for significant penis enlargement, this is not the product for you. VP RX is mainly designed to improve sexual performance and to enhance your erectile function.


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Quite affordable and 100 percent natural, Virility VP RX is a great product for all the men who are interested in improving their sexual performance. All of the ingredients have been in use for centuries and their merits are widely recognized.

The money back guarantee makes it very easy to test VP RX and to draw your own conclusions.


Interested in male enhancement products? If so, you have certainly heard about Magna RX because the supplement has been advertised extensively and it can be found in various online stores.

Putting the marketing hype aside, it is time to discuss all of the product’s specifications and characteristics. Learning more about its active ingredients and other essential features will help you figure out whether it is the right one for you.


How does It Work?

According to official company information, Magna RX is a male enhancement supplement designed by Dr. Aguilar – a medical professional that specializes in the field of erectile dysfunction. Magna RX is described as a slow acting male enhancer.

Slow acting enhancement pills work best when used in a three to six month period. They rely on natural ingredients and as the concentration of the active substances increases, the erectile function improves.

Most of the slow acting male enhancers contain L-Arginine. It is a vasodilator, which means that it improves the flow of blood to the penis, resulting in harder and sustainable erections. A few natural aphrodisiacs are added to the formula to enhance the functioning of the supplement even further.


Active Ingredients

According to the official Magna RX website, the supplement contains the following active ingredients:

    • Pygeum Africanum bark
    • Maca
    • Horny goat weed
    • Oyster
    • Oriental ginseng
    • L-Arginine
    • Cayenne
    • Stinging nettle root
    • Licorice root
    • Pumpkin seeds

All of these are typical male enhancement pill ingredients but a few essentials present in other formulas are missing from this one. Keep in mind that the manner in which the ingredients are blended, as well as the quantities, will play a vitally important role in determining the product’s effectiveness.

It is important to talk to a physician before starting a program with a supplement that contains L-Arginine. The manner in which it affects circulation could have some side effects like changes in blood pressure.

Your doctor will assess yourhealth and tell you whether a supplement like Magna RX is a good idea.


Main Benefits

    • Magna RX is a really affordable option. It costs much less than many other varieties of male enhancement supplements. A double pack of 120 tablets can be purchased for less than 40 dollars from the official company website.
    • The product is manufactured in the USA and it can be purchased from large shopping portals like Amazon. These ensure quick and convenient shipping.
    • Magna RX comes in tablet form, making it easy to take. The recommended daily dosage is two tablets.



    • There has solely been anecdotal evidence about the manner in which Magna RX affects male sexual performance. It could have some effect on erectile dysfunction but many buyers that used the supplement in an attempt to increase penis length and improve their sexual performance were disappointed with the results.
    • It is very difficult to find additional information about the manufacturer and the person behind the formula – Dr. Aguilar.
    • Magna RX contains wheat, which means that it could potentially lead to allergic reactions. Read the label thoroughly and research all of the ingredients, in case you are interested in giving this product a try.



Many people decide to give Magna RX a try because the product is incredibly affordable in comparison to everything else that the market has to offer. The low price, however, comes with some limitations. Magna RX is far from the most effective male enhancement supplement on the market.

The overall rating of Magna RX is a 1.5 out of five stars. It gets a few points for the affordable price and the natural ingredients that it contains. Still, if you are serious about male enhancement, you will find a range of other, better possibilities on the market.