An occasional sexual failure is nothing to worry about – it happens even to the best of men. Worries, stress and a health condition may temporarily interfere with sexual success. If, however, you experience a problem and it happens again, you will have to take certain measures.

You could be experiencing the early signs of erectile dysfunction (ED) or maybe this is nothing serious. Still, taking the time to figure out what is going on will help you rest assured that you have done everything possible to improve the situation.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is described as the inability to get an erection in more than 25 percent of the cases. If you are trying to get intimate with a partner and you are consistently experiencing failure, there is something to worry about.

Statistics show that nearly 30 million men in the United States are affected by erectile dysfunction during some phase of their live. It can occur at any age but the condition is most common in older men.

When ED occurs in younger men, it is probably caused by a psychological factor. Medical condition and problems that interfere with having an erection tend to be quite uncommon among such individuals.

DIY Options For Dealing With Sexual Failure

You are experiencing erection problems, what comes next? You can try several DIY remedies to rejuvenate your sex life and bring the excitement back.

Natural supplements and aphrodisiacs are a good possibility. These are based on herbal extract and natural substances that increase blood flow to the genital area and affect testosterone production.

As a result, such supplements facilitate the task of having and sustaining an erection for satisfactory intimacy.

Resting and relaxing will also be the key to spice things up once again. You could be experiencing temporary erection problems because of your work, financial problems or worries about your family.

Taking the time to overcome stress, to take good care of yourself and to bond once again with your partner will often be sufficient.

Finally, you can try using penis pumps and suction devices. These put the penile tissue under stress. As the penis is stretched away from the body, the blood vessels get enlarged. As they fill with blood, a bigger and more sustainable erection will be achieved.

When Is It Time To See The Doctor?

On some occasions, ED may be caused by another medical condition. If you continue experiencing problems, you will need to see the doctor. Some of the possible causes include:

  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol and clogged blood vessels
  • Diabetes and obesity
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Prostate cancer or enlarged prostate treatments

Medical Solutions For ED

If you find yourself incapable of improving the situation through the use of natural remedies, you will probably get a suggestion for a treatment from your doctor.

A few oral medications can be used to help men get erections. These medicines, however, may produce undesired side effects. More serious cases of ED could call for blood vessel surgery or the use of penile implants to help patients in getting an erection.

Younger men that suffer from no medical condition will probably need therapy and counseling to overcome the issue causing sexual dysfunction. Depression and performance anxiety will stand in the way of intimacy, potentially making the erectile dysfunction even worse.

Finally, you need to remember that being open and honest with your partner about erectile dysfunction will be essential for finding the perfect treatment. Hiding the issue will simply put you under more stress and decrease the chance of regaining your sexual function.

Having somebody to confide in and to go through the process with will make it much easier torecover.

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