FAQ About Penis Extenders

An increase in penis size will translate into higher confidence and more satisfaction with intimacy. Many men are embarrassed when it comes to their size and worried about possible rejection.

The good news is that penis enlargement possibilities are available. Extenders feature among the best options because they are affordable, non-invasive and efficient.

What is a penis extender and is this the right device for you? The following questions and answers sections will help you find out more.



How Does The Penis Extender Work?

The penis extender applies some force known as traction to the penile tissue. The penis is stretched away from the body and kept in a state of constant tension.

The traction forces the cells in the penile tissue to multiply. With time, this multiplication will cause both length and girth increase. The principle is very simple and it has been used for centuries. Contemporary penis extenders are simply safer and much more comfortable to wear.

Additionally, the extender will stretch the ligaments attaching the inner penis to the pubic bone. Some of the penile tissue will be exposed, which will contribute to the overall length of the penis, as well.


How Long Do I Need To Use It?

The amount of time will depend on the desired growth and on the individual manner in which the tissue is responding to the traction force. Genetic factors will also influence the outcome.

Most men see results within three to six months of usage. The traction device itself can be worn for anywhere between four and 12 hours per day. Using the device for more hours per day will speed up the results and decrease the usage period.


When Will I See The Results?

Most men experience some noticeable penis length increase within a single month of usage. The growth per week will be several millimeters, especially if the penis extender is used for a bigger number of hours each day.


Is The Extender Painful To Wear?

Some men are probably reluctant – having the penis tissue stretched away from the body may seem like a painful thing to go through. High quality penis extenders, however, apply a force that is mild and perfectly safe.

The penis extender is not painful to wear, especially if the product is certified as a medical device. In the beginning, the feeling could be slightly unusual or connected to some discomfort. With time, these negative experiences will fade away.


Are Penis Extenders Safe And FDA Approved?

The concept of penis extenders has received FDA approval. Many of these devices are endorsed and recommended by urologists and surgeons.

Doing research before buying a penis extender is very important because no two devices are created equal. Some companies have patented technologies and they use high quality, comfort-inducing materials. Other extenders are much more affordable but their quality could be inferior.

Penis extenders are generally safe, especially if used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


What Brand Can You Recommend?

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Will The Results Be Permanent?

One of the best aspects of using a penis extender is that the results will be permanent. There have been clinical studies trying to establish the longevity of the results.

One of the experiments had the penis length of men who used penis extenders measured immediately after the six-month treatment period. Most men had achieved penis length increase of at least two centimeters or more.

Six months later, the measurements were taken once again. None of the participants in the experiment experienced any decrease in penis size.

Penis extenders are very simple, which is probably determining for the efficiency of such devices. They lack the risk of complications and the long recovery periods connected to penis enlargement surgeries.

They are discrete and easy to use at home. All of the men who tried extenders experienced some increase in penis length and even in girth. Choosing the right brand and knowing how to use the extender correctly will be determining for the outcome.

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