The Best Three Penis Extenders

The male enhancement niche is full of so many possibilities that consumers often feel confused. I know that picking the right extender can be a challenging task because of the sheer volume and variety of such products.

Some extenders are created better than others. Through the years, I have done my research and I have drawn careful comparison. It focuses on some of the most important factors like:

    • safety
    • efficiency
    • the availability of accessories
    • price
    • and the availability of clinical studies about the product

Using this methodology, I managed to determine the top three penis extender brands.


#1 SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetic penis extender is a product recommended by surgeons and urologists. On top of that, a clinical study was carried out to test its efficiency. The results were published in the British Journal of Urology International in 2008.

The study involved 21 volunteers who used the SizeGenetics penis extender for a period of six months. They were instructed to use the extender for anywhere between four and six hours per day.

In the end of the six month period, both the flaccid and the erect state length of the penis were measured. The average increase was 2.3 centimeters in flaccid state and 1.7 centimeters in erect state. After six more months, researchers found out that the length increase had been retained.


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SizeGenetics is a brand with more than 16 years of experience on the market. Here are some of the biggest advantages connected to the usage of the company’s extender:

    • Multi directional angling technology, which makes the device suitable for daytime usage
    • The SizeGenetics extender is a Medical Type 1 Device
    • Can also be used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease
    • It comes with ultimate comfort system for painless usage
    • There are 58 different usage settings
    • Accessories like the Traction Plus powder and an aftercare moisturizer are also available
    • The product is currently available at a discounted price and there is an additional discount coupon
    • There is a 180-day money back guarantee

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#2 ProExtender

The ProExtender enlargement system is another product that is recommended by physicians and developed by a doctor who specializes in penis extension. Doctor Jorn Ege Siana created the prototype in 1994 and the ProExtender system has been around ever since.

A clinical study was conducted to test the efficiency of the extender in 1998. There were 18 volunteers who used the ProExtender device for a period of 24 weeks. They were asked to have the device on for 12 hours per day.

At the end of the experiment, the average increase in penis length was 2.8 centimeters. The average penis lengthening per week of usage was 1.9 millimeters. None of the men experienced complications or discomfort with the use of the extender.


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The brand has also been on the market for a long period of time. Some of the device’s best characteristics include:

    • Ease of use and no pain or discomfort experienced by buyers
    • A fully-adjustable tractions system that is suitable for usage during the day
    • Can also be used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease
    • Several extension kits available for purchase
    • Accessories and supplements are available to speed up the results
    • The system is currently available at a discounted price
    • There is a money back guarantee

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#3 MaleEdge

MaleEdge is an award winning product created in the US. The company has been on the male enhancement market since 1995 and it has patented the original Jes-Extender System – the world’s first clinically-proven penis enlargement system.

The new model replaced the Jes-Extender in 2008, giving the company’s customers a more contemporary solution.

A clinical study has also been carried out to test the efficiency of the MaleEdge extender. The treatment continued for a period of 26 weeks. In 20 weeks, the men using MaleEdge experienced an average increase in penis length of 21 percent. In 26 weeks, the average increase was 28 percent.


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Some of the main benefits connected to the purchase of this extender include:

    • Patented technology that has been perfected through the years
    • Clinically-proven results within 26 weeks of usage
    • Suitable for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease
    • Safe and comfortable
    • There are several kits, some featuring additional comfort features
    • An instructional DVD is provided, as well
    • There is a refund policy and warranty ranging from one year to lifetime, depending on the specifics of the chosen product

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