Five Common Male Enhancement Products

Male enhancement products are all marketed as the best products for increasing the length and girth of the penis as well as in prolonging its erection periods.

Consumers particularly males can choose from several products including pills, patches and pumps as well as extenders and exercises with each product using different techniques for penile enlargement.

But a few penile enhancement products are better than the rest. Let’s take a look at these products and see which ones merit your trial and which ones are better left off as scams.




Penis enlargement pills are obviously manufactured with ingredients that promote larger and longer penises in men. The most common ingredients include plant extracts from the likes of:

    • horny goat weed
    • saw palmetto
    • ginseng
    • nutrients like B-complex
    • folate and zinc
    • and special proprietary mixtures

These ingredients complement each other in the achievement of two main goals:

    • Increase blood circulation to the penis
    • Improve on the health of penis in particular and the body in general

Keep in mind that, during erection, the penis becomes engorged with blood such that the more blood circulation to the organ, the greater the erection in terms of length, girth and duration.

Since the penis depends on the body’s overall blood circulation to pump blood through its blood vessels, it makes sense to promote good health in the former, too.

Penile enlargement pills are arguably the most popular products in its category for several reasons:

    • For one thing, these contain safe, effective and natural ingredients that scientists and consumers have proven beneficial in increasing penile length and girth.
    • For another thing, these can be taken as nutritional supplements – no piece of equipment to wrestle with, for example.

You can find more about pills here. If you would like to know about the best product, I recommend you to check out this review



exercisePenile enlargement exercises refer to the variety of manual manipulation techniques applied on the penis with the goal of lengthening and widening its size. The most common exercises are:

Stretching and jelqing exercises are designed to stretch the penile tissues and to stimulate blood circulation to the penis. The principle can be explained as: In the process of stretching the penis, microscopic tears form on the cellular level, which the body will then repair by generating new penile cells to bridge the gap.

The massaging motions also encourage more blood to flow to the penile blood vessels. In time, the blood vessels increase in size, thus, enabling it to accommodate a greater amount of blood flow during




Penis extenders are actually traction devices designed to stretch the penis via mechanical means. Basically, the penis will be placed into the traction device and screws will be used to secure the organ into place. If you would like to know more about how do penis extenders work, check out this post by Dario McNut

As the penis lengthens with regular use, the screws are adjusted little by little until the desired penis length is achieved.

Well, at least, that’s how it’s supposed to work in theory but real life is another story. For one thing, penis extenders must be worn for 6-8 hours in a day – or the time you spend sleeping at night – for several months before the supposed enlargement becomes visible – or perhaps not.

For another thing, these traction devices can result in injuries like scar tissues on the penis from prolonged use.




Penis pumps are essentially vacuum devices. A typical penis pump, for example, is a cylinder-shaped device fitted over the penis wherein a pump then creates a partial vacuum around the organ; either a manual or motorized pump is used.

As the vacuum around the penis increases, the blood pressure level in the penile blood vessels also increases. The intended result: Larger and longer erections.

But like extenders, the use of pumps has its fair share of risks. These vacuum devices can form blisters and burst blood vessels on the penis, for example, which no man wants to experience for himself.




Penis patches are similar to nicotine patches. These are designed to deliver active ingredients to the circulatory system via the skin, said ingredients of which are supposed to improve blood circulation and increase penis size.

But there is little evidence that these patches work. The ingredients, for example, may not even pass through the skin’s multiple barriers before being diluted.



Which of these penis enlargement methods are the best? We have to say that the combination of the supplements and the manual exercises is the most effective method in lengthening and widening penile size.

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