How Low Testosterone Can Affect Your Sex Drive

Before going into panic mode about low testosterone levels, keep in mind that the gradual decrease of testosterone in men is a natural function of aging. According to the Mayo Clinic, beginning at the age of 30, men will experience a slow yet sure dip in their testosterone levels by approximately 1 percent with each passing year.

Lest you start thinking that you may also be one of the few with low testosterone level, the American Diabetes Association says that more than 13 million men have the condition. Don’t fret because you are neither alone nor adrift in hopelessness; testosterone therapy is available.


Functions Of The Male Hormone

Testosterone is known as the male hormone because of its crucial role in the maintenance of many important bodily functions in men. These functions include:

    • sex drive
    • sperm production
    • red blood cell production
    • muscle mass/strength
    • bone density
    • fat distribution

As such, the decrease in the levels of testosterone usually brings about significant physical and psychological changes. Even without any measurement tools, you will most likely experience said changes especially as you advance in years.


Sexual Function Of Testosterone

Men like you then have a valid reason to be worried about their declining testosterone levels. You may experience several symptoms related to sexual function including but not limited to:

    • lesser desire for sex
    • reduced state of arousal as evidenced by smaller erections and/or shorter periods of erection
    • fewer spontaneous erection such as during sleep
    • infertility

This is the reason behind the popular notion that testosterone determines a man’s sex drive.


Low Libido Causes And Testosterone

But such a popular notion is not exactly the entire story here. While low testosterone levels can lessen your ability to achieve and maintain erections, thus, enjoy satisfying sex, testosterone is not the sole factor either in both your sex drive and sexual performance.

Keep in mind that defining “normal sex drive” is virtually next to impossible for the following reasons:

    • Sex drive in men slowly decline from its peak during teenage years and well into the 20s before tapering off in the 30s when testosterone levels also slowly decrease
    • Men define their sex drive in subjective ways such that what you may consider as low libido may not be so for another man.
    • Men will experiences differences in their sex drive over time with factors like level of stress, lack of sleep, and number of opportunities for sex affecting their libido.

The bottom line: You may have relatively low testosterone levels but you may have maintained your sex drive, more or less, because of factors like good physical fitness, ready partner for sex, and positive attitude.

Or you may have normal testosterone levels yet still lag behind on libido, which may either be reported by yourself or by your partner.

But in cases when testosterone levels are sufficiently lowered, virtually all men will report moderate to severe decline in their sex drive. It’s in the physiology of the human body.

Keep in mind that chronically low testosterone levels are just one of the many causes of lower libido or lesser sex drive. Other causes include:

    • depression
    • sleep deprivation
    • physical and psychological stress
    • chronic medical illness like diabetes and erectile dysfunction

Scientists have yet to discover the exact workings behind the impact of low testosterone levels on male sexual drive. So stop fretting and start taking action instead by asking your doctor about possible treatments.

Ask about testosterone therapy, psychological counseling, and treatment for an underlying medical illness, among other options. For example, you may be suffering from extreme physical and psychological stress, thus, your inability to achieve and maintain an erection, much less perform foreplay on your partner, during sex.

Professional counseling coupled with effective stress management techniques will certainly help.

Getting back your sex drive is possible even with low testosterone levels. But you have to act as soon as possible!

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