How Semen Increase Pills Work

Semen increase pills are popular among men – and perhaps among their partners – who want to increase the quantity of their ejaculate during orgasms. Such popularity can be attributed to the close association between the quantity of semen ejaculated and the man’s virility and fertility.

The rationale: The greater the amount of ejaculated semen, the greater the perceived virility (i.e., manliness) and fertility (i.e., more semen equals more sperm for fertilization of the female’s eggs) of the man.

The question then is: Do these semen volume increase pills work?

Yes, these and these products work but results will vary between individuals depending on several factors like brand and the potency of its ingredients as well as the age, physical condition, and lifestyle (i.e., diet) habits of users.

Semen Production Explained

To understand how these male-targeted nutritional supplements work, we must first understand the semen production process. Semen is produced in and originates from the seminal vesicles, a pair of small tubular glands located near the prostate, but it has other components, too.

During ejaculation, the fluids from the seminal vesicles as well as the bulbourethral glands and the prostate, mix with the sperm to produce semen.

Each of the fluids have distinct characteristics – the seminal vesicles have a yellowish viscous fluid with fructose, which makes up 70% of the semen; the prostate produces a whitish to clear fluid with citric acid, proteolytic enzymes, and acid phosphatase; and the bulbourethral glands add clear secretions to the mix.

Sperm only comprises 1% of the semen with the rest composed of the abovementioned fluids. On average, adult men can secrete semen anywhere from 3 to 5 milliliters (1 teaspoon is equal to 5 milliliters as a point of reference).

The amount of semen ejaculated will change with age – highest between 30-35 years and lowest upon reaching 55 years.

Semen Boost Lies In The Ingredients


The manufacturers of semen increase pills make their products with the main goal of increasing semen – not sperm per se – production among users. Since semen is produced inside the body, it stands to reason that these products are formulated to stimulate the body’s semen production process via nutrients.

The secret of semen increase pills then lies in the choice of effective ingredients! Scientific and anecdotal evidence suggest that the following ingredients (i.e., herbal extracts, natural chemical compounds, and proprietary blends) are effective in stimulating semen production with regular and proper dosages.

    • Solidin, a powerful precursor of dopamine, the feel-good hormone released during sex.
    • Drilizen, a substance that boosts nitric oxide production
    • Bombyx mori, a herbal extract rich in minerals, amino acids and proteins essential for healthy semen production
    • Stinging nettles extract, a herbal an extract known to boost testosterone production and, hence, semen production
    • Wild yam root, a plant proven to lessen the risks for prostate-related issues including reduced sperm production
    • Jujube extract, a potent extract rich in vitamins (e.g., A, B, and C) and minerals (e.g., calcium, phosphorus, and calcium), all of which are essential in healthy sexual function
    • Siberian ginseng extract, a traditional Chinese medicinal herb used as an aphrodisiac because it promotes sexual energy and function
    • White willow extract, a herbal extract that can promote better blood flow
    • Cayenne extract, a cayenne-based substance abundant in vitamins and minerals, thus, its use as an aphrodisiac

Other ingredients include pumpkin seed, cranberry extract, and muira puama, to name a few more.

Keep in mind that no single ingredient can boost semen production by itself but with the synergy of ingredients, larger volumes of semen can be achieved with the regular and proper use of semen increase pills.

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