Top 3 Semen Increase Pills

Not all semen increase pills work as promised by their manufacturers. The marketing promise, of course, is increasing the quantity, perhaps even the quality, of semen ejaculated during orgasm.

Keep in mind that the average ejaculate among healthy adult men is 3 to 5 milliliters (approximately 1/2 to 1 teaspoon).

These three semen increase pills, fortunately, work as well as their manufacturers promised based on customer testimonials.

These male-targeted nutritional supplements have been ranked based on their:

    • Safety and efficacy
    • Price in relation to their results (i.e., value for money)
    • And customer support (i.e., customer services, fast and discreet shipping, and money back guarantee)


#1 Volume Pills

Considered as the best semen increase pills among consumers and critics alike, Volume Pills contain two effective ingredients, namely, Solidin and Drilizen. Solidin is the precursor to a feel-good hormone, dopamin, released during sex.

Drilizen improves the production of nitric oxide, a chemical necessary in the production of testosterone.

Note: Healthy testosterone production is crucial for healthy sperm and semen production. Thus, boosting testosterone levels aids in increasing semen volume.

Each one-month supply costs $65 but it is an expense justified by the positive results. Majority of users report gradual yet observable results from regular and proper use of Volume Pills in just 4 weeks, said results of which include increased semen volume as well as better erections, orgasms, and sex drive.

Volume Pills are also easy to take – once a day with a meal and plenty of water. Since the ingredients are all natural chemical compounds and herbal extracts, safety is a given when taking the pills; but it still pays to look at the ingredients list to ensure that none will cause allergies for each individual case.

Other positive aspects going for Volume Pills are the money back guarantee and satisfactory customer service. It’s no wonder then that it is the number 1 semen increase pills in the market today.


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#2 Semenax

Semenax comes close to Volume Pills in terms of value for money (i.e., price in relation to results). Buyers spend $155 for a 3-month supply, which will then provide them the opportunity to enjoy the product’s benefits.

The semen increase supplement is manufactured by cGMP, a reputable pharmaceuticals company, in industry-standard facilities.

Its ingredients, which include cranberry extract, muira puama, and vitamins, are all natural and organic substances chosen for their safety and efficacy in boosting semen volume. Such choice in ingredients means little to no side effects – certainly a plus for men and their partners who want to enjoy the benefits but not the fits, so to speak.

According to majority of its satisfied users, regular and proper use (i.e., one pill a day) of Semenax results in increased semen volume by as much as 300%; increased sexual pleasure because greater semen volume has a positive effect on self-confidence in bed; and better erections since many of the ingredients promote healthy blood flow into the penis.

Aside from these positive results, buyers of Semenax also enjoy the 60-day 100% money back guarantee as well as promos and discounts.


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#3 Performer 5

Rounding off the list is Performer 5, a male enhancement product that increases the size (i.e., length and girth) of the penis as well as improves erections (i.e., firmer with longer-lasting results). Its added benefit is increased semen volume and force, thus, making Performer 5 an asset in enjoying better sexual function and performance.

At £39.99 (approximately $69) for a one-month supply, Performer 5 also provides for good value for the money. Its potency, like all effective male enhancement products, rests on its ingredients – and Performer 5 certainly has plenty of proven ingredients.

These ingredients include zinc, L-arginine, DL-malic acid, L-glycine, beta glucans, and creatine monohydrate. Each ingredient works in synergy with the others to provide users with increased stamina for sex, improved erections, and enhanced ejaculations, among other benefits.

When buying any of these semen increase pills, be sure to read the customer testimonials, scientific studies, and other evidence available online. You want to make sure that, indeed, these nutritional supplements can address your needs and wants in increasing semen volume, among other goals.

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