FAQ About Male Enhancement Exercises

Male enhancement exercises include stretching, jelqing and Kegel exercises, which have been proven safe and effective in lengthening and enlarging penile size.

Many misconceptions abound about these manual exercises, however, so here are the answers to many of the frequently asked questions about the matter.


What Equipment Is Required?

No piece of equipment is required to perform penile enlargement exercises. In contrast, you must purchase a penis pump and/or a clamp set for other male enhancement methods, said pieces of equipment of which have been proven dangerous to the sex organ in so many ways.

For example, the penis pump can result in burst blood vessels when the pumping action becomes too intense. The clamps, too, can harm the penis’ structure by restricting blood flow to certain parts.

The main tool then used in these exercises is your hands – nothing more, nothing less. You may, however, although a washcloth and a lubricant on hand.


What Are The Effective Methods?

Both scientific and anecdotal evidence point to the efficacy of the following exercises in improving the length and girth of the penis when applied on a regular basis and in a proper manner.

    • Stretching exercises is widely considered as the foundation for all male enhancement exercises particularly for increased length. You will gently stretch your penis to its limits during your first few sessions, increase the intensity of the stretches in a gradual manner, and then start stretching it in multiple angles.
    • Jelqing is akin to milking albeit on the penis such that the sex organ is subjected to gentle yet firm massages, which improve blood flow and stretch the organ. Keep in mind that the higher the blood flow to the penis, the harder the hard-on usually is. Your fingers on one hand should make the OK sign, which should then be placed on the base of your shaft before moving toward the base while your other hand follows the same movement soon after.
    • Kegel exercises are popular among women in strengthening their pubococcygeus (PC) muscles in preparation for childbirth and in the prevention of sagging vaginal walls, among others. But men can also benefit from these exercises mainly be providing better control over premature ejaculation.

These exercises can be adopted on their own – individually – but experts suggest applying all three methods for best results. Think of it this way: Why stretching and jelqing increases the length and girth of your penis, Kegel exercises strengthens your PC muscles for better ejaculation control.


What Supplements Are Necessary?

It must first be emphasized that the above mentioned penis enlargement exercises can be effective on their own. For best results, nonetheless, you will want to combine these exercises with male enhancement supplements.

Be sure to take only all-natural supplements made from safe and effective ingredients like herbs, plant extracts, and vitamins and minerals, among others.

These male enhancement pills and capsules are formulated to complement the manual exercises by promoting blood circulation in particular and strengthening penis health in general.


What Are the Safety Tips?

Like all types of exercises, male enhancement exercises must be performed with safety in mind. Remember these safety tips and you should see the results soon enough.

    • Always grip your penis with the recommended finger and hand position.
    • Follow the number of recommended repetitions and sets. Too many can result in pain; too little will lead to lesser gain.
    • Use lubrication, when necessary, to avoid chafing the penile skin. Wash your hands, too, before stretching and jelqing to avoid transferring pathogens from your hands to your penis; bacterial and fungal infections can easily result otherwise.
    • Rub your hands before applying on your penis. Warm temperatures will keep your blood flowing in your sex organ.
    • Stop when you feel any discomfort or pain. This is not a no pain, no gain proposition.

When done properly and regularly, you can be assured that your penis will be larger and longer with more prolonged erections!

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