Jelqing In Details – How To Do This Exercise The Right Way

At its most basic, jelqing can be defined as a form of auto-physical therapy where the male applies milking movements on his penis. Think of the manner in which dairy farmers milk their cows – a teat held by fingers in the classic OK sign and then it is pulled downwards to extract the milk.


How It Works

Understanding the way in which jelqing works is the foundation for understanding how to do it the right way.

The penis enlargement exercise works in the same manner as stretching albeit with different hand and finger techniques. First, increased blood circulation to the penis will be stimulated by the vigorous application of massaging pressure; the more engorged with blood the penis is, the larger and longer it can be.

Second, increased length and girth brought by the healing of the microscopic tears in the penis brought by the exercise. Think of it this way: Your muscles incur microscopic tears when subjected to weight lifting exercises but you will end up with larger muscles – the principle for penis enlargement is similar.

The combination of increased blood flow and increased healing of the microscopic tears results in a larger and longer penis with the capacity for more prolonged erections.


How It Should Be Done

Like stretching, no piece of equipment like a penis pump or a penis clamp is necessary for jelqing – just your two hands will suffice. Add a small amount of lubricant for smoother movements and a towel for removing the lubricant off the penis’ skin.

    • Wrap your penis in a warm towel to increase blood circulation and to get it into a semi-erect state. Warning: Do not attempt jelqing on your erect penis because you can suffer bodily harm otherwise; this is not a hand job per se.
    • Remove the towel when your penis is sufficiently warm. Apply a small amount of lubricant like KY Jelly on your shaft.
    • Form an “OK” sign with your thumb and forefinger. Place it on the base of your cock and squeeze firmly.
    • Keeping the firm pressure of your hand, gradually move it toward the corona of your penis’ glans.
    • Make an “OK” sign with your other hand, place it on the base of your shaft and then squeeze firmly. Move it toward the corona and repeat the movement with the now-free hand.

Perform as many repetitions as possible. Wrap your penis in a warm towel to maintain its general warmth.


How To Do It Safely

Despite the overall safety of jelqing, it is still important to adopt safety tips for best results. Keep in mind that your goal is enlarging your penis for better sexual function, not enlarging it with an injury or an infection.

    • Keep your jelqing sessions to a moderate level. Every day sessions are good but be sure to limit the time, say, just for 5 minutes or so. Like all exercises, you can become injured (i.e., torn blood vessels, visible scar tissues, and even disfigurement or desensitization)
    • Keep your penis as warm as possible, thus, the warm towel. Jelqing inside a warm room also helps in this regard.
    • Apply smooth motions instead of jerking motions. Think of it as masturbating with a small amount of lubricant in your hands.


Does Jelqing Work?

Yes, it does! For best results, you should also use male enhancement pills according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Jelqing will also produce better results when it is paired with healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle habits. Eat more fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, lean meat and fish, seafood including clams, scallops and oysters, and low-fat dairy products.

The healthier your body, the healthier blood flow will be to your sex organs.

Manage your stress levels, too. Your erections and sexual satisfaction will also depend on your physical condition and your psychological approach to life in general as well as sex and relationships in particular.

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