Stretching In Details – How To Do This Exercise the Right Way

I’ve talked about Stretching briefly in this post (top 3 exercises), not it’s time to find out more about this technique in details.

Stretching exercises are the backbone of the best penis enlargement program because of its numerous benefits. The movements involved in the exercises work in two ways, namely, increasing blood circulation to the penis and stretching its skin so that it becomes longer and larger.


The exercises also provide for more control over ejaculation such that premature orgasms can be avoided.

Keep in mind that the goal in stretching exercises for penis enlargement is to pull on the penile tissues without inflicting discomfort, much less pain. Start with gentle stretches in a single direction before gradually increasing in intensity and in multiple directions (e.g., sideways, rotations).


Basic Stretch

As its name suggests, the basic stretch is the starting point for all stretching exercises mainly because of its simplicity. The movements are easy to perform because these only involve one hand, mimic the movements of masturbation, and stretch the penis without causing discomfort.

    • Be sure that the penis is flaccid before starting on the exercises. The room should preferably be warm since cold temperatures can cause shrinkage of the penis.
    • Retract your penile foreskin and grasp your penis behind its glans with your right hand. (Use your left if you are left-handed for comfort)
    • Slowly but firmly pull your penis forward for a comfortable stretch – just far enough but not too far enough to be painful. Hold for 5 seconds and then relax pull.
    • Repeat the motions in different directions – right, left and downward. Be sure to hold the stretch for 5 seconds and then relax on the pull before proceeding to the next direction.

Repeat for 5 minutes at a stretch. Overdoing on the stretches can damage the penile cells so exercise in moderation.

Tip: Apply a small amount of lubricant on your hands and rub it between your hands before starting on the exercises. You will have an easier (i.e., smoother) time stretching your penis without compromising on the firm grip required for the movements.


Twisted Stretch

This method adds a twist, pun intended, on the basic stretch. Just be sure to apply gentle pressure when twisting on your penis to avoid pain.

    • Let your penis stay flaccid. You can perform the exercise after undressing or after your shower, thus, enjoying the comfort of cool but not cold room.
    • Use both of your hands to twist your penis.
    • Grab your penis just below its glans. Slowly pull it forward until it has been stretched to its limits sans any discomfort.
    • Hold the stretch for 5 seconds. Release your pull. (This is the first set)
    • Perform the twisting action but change its direction and repeat the movements. (This is the second set)

You can perform as many sets as possible but when your penis starts to experience discomfort, you must stop. Better yet, limit yourself to just 5 sets.


Double Stretch

This exercise stretches the penile shaft for better results. You will be required to use your two hands in stretching your shaft in two opposite directions – one hand pulling away from your body and the other hand pulling toward your body.

    • Retract your foreskin and grasp your penis an inch behind its glans with your first hand.
    • Pull your penis forward until its comfortable stretch is reached; use a slow but firm movement.
    • With your second hand, pull your grip shaft with an OK grip (i.e., your thumb and forefinger should meet) about an inch above the base, and then pull backwards.
    • Hold the stretch for 5 seconds in two different directions. Release hands.
    • Repeat the motions but with alternating hands. Perform at least 5 sets.

When performing these penile enlargement exercises, you must adopt safety methods like washing your hands first, using firm but gentle pressure, and stopping whenever you feel discomfort. Your goal is to enlarge your penis for sexual pleasure, not enlarge it with an infection or an injury.

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