Top 3 Male Enhancement Exercises That You Should Do

The best male enhancement exercises require just a few basic things – your two hands and their adjustable grip, your penis in the required state of erection, and your dedication to penile workouts.

You must avoid using pieces of equipment like pumps and clamps, which have been proven not only ineffective but also dangerous to penile health.

Your best bets then are stretching, jelqing and Kegel exercises, which are safe, effective and natural methods in increasing penile length and girth. You will even discover that these exercises will even increase the duration of your erection, thus, improving on sexual pleasure for you and your partner.


Stretching Exercises


Of all the exercises for penis enlargement, stretching is the most basic exercise because it involves relatively simple motions that mimic masturbation movements. Think of stretching as penis massage resulting in the following benefits:

    • Increased Blood Circulation
      It must be noted that penile erection is the result of an increased amount of blood flowing into the sex organ such that an increased blood flow results in a longer and larger hard-on. As you warm up your penile muscles by applying massage movements, your penis will experience increased blood flow. You may even enjoy a hard-on in the process – proof that, indeed, stretching can work.
    • Increased Skin Stretching
      It should also be noted that, during exercise, the skin and muscle tissues incur microscopic tears, which usually happens when lifting weights. The body responds by generating more skin and muscle tissues to fill in the gap, so to speak, resulting in larger muscles. This is the same principle in penile stretching. The more you stretch your penis sans the pain, the more microscopic tears can form in it and the bigger it can be.

Tip: Be sure that your penis is completely flaccid when performing this exercise. Otherwise, you will be unable to perform the movements without prematurely ejaculating, which defeats its purpose.


Jelqing Exercises

Also known as milking because its movements mimic the milking of cows, jelqing is considered as the best solution for penis enlargement in both length and girth. Its main goal is similar to stretching exercises albeit with a greater amount of pressure and, thus, bigger results.

Keep in mind, however, that jelqing movements should still be firm yet gentle. Otherwise, your penis can suffer from temporary side effects like discomfort, if not pain, which can discourage your efforts in applying the jelqing exercises on a regular basis.

Basically, jelqing involves the following steps:

    • Ensure that your penis is semi-erect. Apply lubrication, too.
    • Put your thumb and forefinger in an OK sign at the base of your penis.
    • Begin pushing your hand toward the head of your penis.
    • As soon as you reach the head, your other hand with the OK sign should then perform the same movement.
    • Repeat as many times as necessary.

Each stroke should ideally last for 3 seconds or so. Stop jelqing or relax your grip when you feel discomfort.

Unlike weight lifting exercises, the adage “no pain, no gain” does not apply to penis enlargement exercises. When you feel discomfort, more so pain, in your penis, then you are probably doing it wrong or doing it too many times.


Kegel Exercises

kegelsDon’t be fooled by the popular notion that Kegel exercises are only for women. In fact, men can also benefit from Kegel exercises mainly by exerting more physical control over their urethral and anal muscles.

When you can control your urethra, you are more likely to control your ejaculation time. Think of it as delaying your ejaculation so that you can provide more vaginal stimulation for your partner and, hence, more sexual pleasure.

The steps can also be performed even when you are sitting or standing without anybody being the wiser for it. You can start by contracting your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles 20-30 times a day before gradually increasing the number of contractions.

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What type of liqued or oil should use in jelking?

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