Bath-Mate Penis Pump – Pros And Cons Exposed

Hydro pumps are penis extension devices that have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. The use of water in the tube makes the wearing of the pump much more comfortable and it distributes the pressure evenly.

Bath-Mate is one of the popular brand names in this segment. The product is made of high quality materials and it offers simple, comfortable and safe penis enlargement possibilities.


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How Does Bath-Mate Work?

Bath-Mate is a water-based penis enlargement device. It relies on suction and the liquid is used to enhance the results and to guarantee the even distribution of the pressure.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the device can be used to deliver an increase of two inches in penis length and up to one inch in girth.

The tube gets filled with warm water and a manual pump is available to compress and seal the cylinder around the base of the penis. This procedure produces immediate results but the size will decrease soon after.

Long term use of the device will be needed to guarantee permanent penis enlargement.


Additional Information

Using the device frequently and for a certain period of time will result in permanent length and girth increase.

The water used in the pump makes it different from the enhancement devices that rely solely on air. As the water is expelled from the cylinder, the penile tissue will be expanded to fill the gaps. Water is incompressible, which is why the results are almost immediate.

The Bath-Mate pumps come in several kits:

    • Hercules is the original Bath-Mate product
    • Goliath is designed for well-endowed men
    • Hydromax X30 provides nearly 35 percent more suction than Hercules and there is added padding for more comfort
    • Hydromax X40 is the final possibility under the Bath-Mate brand name. It provides 35 percent more suction than Hercules and it has features similar to those of Hydromax X30. The only difference is that Hydromax X40 is especially designed for the needs of larger men.


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Bath-Mate pump works because the principle is incredibly simple and its efficiency is proven. The vacuum suction forces the blood vessels to expand, which enables more blood to enter the penis.

The use of the suction device results in almost immediate increase in the length of the flaccid penis.

Several other key advantages should be mentioned. If you are interested in purchasing Bath-Mate, you need to know the following:

    • You will get results that are fast and that become sustainable through long term usage
    • The device is suitable for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
    • There are no side effects and using the device is comfortable
    • The device is maintenance free
    • It comes with a guarantee
    • Can be used solely for 15 minutes per day, which makes it more practical than air pumps



The Bath-Mate hydro pump is a high quality piece of male enhancement equipment. It works really well and it delivers just what it promises. Simplicity and quality of the materials are two of its most defining characteristics.

If shortcomings were to be mentioned, the most important ones would be:

    • There is no exercise program provided with the device to speed up penis size increase
    • It requires time to produce permanent penis length and girth increase
    • The first trial may feel a bit uncomfortable until you get used to the technique


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The selection of Bath-Mate penis enlargement cylinders is a quality option for all of the men interested in safe and non-invasive enhancement. The products are made of quality materials and they come with a guarantee.

Hydro cylinders can be used for a very short period of time while taking a shower and they will produce immediately noticeable results.

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