MaleEdge Traction Device Complete Review

Permanent penis length and girth increase that happens non-invasively and without side effects – it sounds too good to be true! This is precisely what I thought the first time I came across traction devices.

Curiosity made me research the possibility and even try some of the brands available on the market. Guess what, permanent and pain-free penis enlargement proved to be possible.

The MaleEdge traction device is one of the first possibilities I decided to learn more about. After all, the company is the one that patented the technology back in 1995. If you are interested in penis extension through the use of a traction device, you will find this review very useful.


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MaleEdge is the creation of a company called DanaLife. The Jes-Extender was the company’s first product and one of the all-time best sellers on the market. As the technology advanced and new design possibilities were explored, the original Jes-Extender was modified and perfected.

The penis extenders are handcrafted in Denmark and they are provided with a double money back guarantee. There is a one year warranty, as well. There are several different possibilities including the MaleEdge Basic Penis Enlarger, the MaleEdge Extra and the top-range product called MaleEdge Pro.


How Does It Work

All of the products in the range rely on the principle of traction to guarantee an increase in both length and girth.

The device is worn on the penis, keeping the tissue stretched for a period of several hours per day. This stretching forces the penile tissue to respond. Cell replication takes place and it causes the formation of new tissue. This is why traction extenders deliver amazing results within a period of just few months.

Penis traction is considered the only safe and non-surgical possibility for consistent penis enlargement. The results are not reversible and there is clinical evidence backing all of the claims.


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MaleEdge is one of the big names on the penis enlargement market. The patented technology and the numerous years during which the design of the extender has been perfected contributed to the leading position.

The penis extension device is both safe and comfortable to wear. I went through multiple customer reviews to summarize the biggest MaleEdge benefits. Some of the most important advantages connected to the product include:

    • Can be used to increase penis length and girth, as well as to treat Peyronie’s disease
    • Patented technology that is backed by science and numerous years on the market
    • Safe and comfortable to use, comes with detailed instructions
    • The traction device is recommended by physicians
    • There are several product possibilities that consumers can choose among
    • There is a double money back guarantee and a warranty
    • The company has an online store that offer spare parts and additional accessories for purchase
    • The price to quality ratio is one of the best on the market
    • Buyers can use international shipping possibilities



The MaleEdge extender is a high quality product and the customer satisfaction is very high. The majority of men, including myself, find the traction device very easy to use and highly comfortable. Some of the cons worth mentioning include:

    • There is no free shipping possibility and the international delivery could be slightly expensive
    • Getting the spare parts could be costly (though the products come with a warranty and very high quality)
    • It requires commitment and some time for the results to become visible


Click Here To Visit MaleEdge’s Official Website



Giving the MaleEdge traction device a try is a good possibility for all men who want to increase their penis size. Within a period of six months, users experienced average increase in penis length of up to 28 percent and in girth of up to 19 percent.

The device is affordable and comfortable, so it deserves its top market position.

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