Penomet Comprehensive Review

Increasing the size of the penis is the ultimate goal for many men. Unfortunately, most enlargement methods are either ineffective or too invasive and expensive. Penis enlargement pumps can be classified as an entirely different possibility.

Safe, efficient and easy to use, these devices deliver great results that are sustainable in the long run.

Penomet is one of the popular names on the penis pump market. What makes this pump different and better than other opportunities? The following review will shed some light on its most unique and innovative features.



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How Does Penomet Work?

Penomet is a water-based penis enlargement device, one of the main characteristics that make it different from other products. It can be used in the shower or while taking a bath.

The device gets filled with warm water and attached to the penis. The vacuum and suction that it creates will result in a flaccid penis length and girth increase.

The use of water equalizes pressure inside the cylinder. In addition, its warmth could contribute to achieving the increase faster.

The pressure inside the cylinder forces the penile tissue to expand. As a result, more blood can come inside the penis and cause harder and bigger erections.

The manufacturer claims that since the device is water-based, it can deliver 65 percent faster results in comparison to traditional air pumps.


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Additional Information About The Product

If you are interested in purchasing this penis pump, you will have several possibilities to pick among.

Penomet comes in a standard, an extra and a premium kit. The standard kit includes gaiters that have the same force reading – 70. The extra kit is provided with three different gaiters that can be used to adjust the pressure inside the tube.

The premium kit is the most extensive one. It comes with five different force level gaiters (60, 65, 70, 75 and 80), comfort straps for use in the shower, and a three year warranty. In comparison, the extra kit comes with a two year warranty and the standard kit comes with a one year warranty.

You can choose a kit depending on your penis enlargement needs and budget.



The system is quite innovative and the manner in which it functions guarantees the efficiency of the procedure. Using it is simple – you can put the pump on while having your daily shower.

You will notice the difference immediately after taking the pump off and if you use it in the long run, the size increase will become permanent.

The biggest benefits of giving Penomet a try include:

    • The pump and the gaiters are made of high quality materials that come with a warranty
    • The different strength gaiters come in different colors, which simplifies the use of the pump
    • The product is provided with free shipping
    • The manufacturer has a money-back guarantee policy
    • There are no side effects, Penomet is perfectly safe to use
    • Can be used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease
    • Penomet is equipped with a safety pressure release valve that is very easy to use
    • Using the penis pump is comfortable and painless
    • You get an exercise program that can be used to improve the results


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Penomet is a high quality product and the majority of people that tried the penis pump wrote a positive review about it. Still, this pump has a few minor flaws:

    • It will have to be used consistently and over a period of time to deliver permanent penis size increase
    • Solely available for purchase online



Anyone who is interested in getting safe and efficient penis enlargement should give Penomet a try. The penis pump is made of high quality materials and it is the result of numerous years of research.

Penomet is very simple to use and the results will be noticeable almost immediately. This high quality product is great for every man that wants a self-confidence boost and the ability to enjoy sexual activity to the fullest.

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