ProExtender Traction Device Review – What This Device Has To Offer?

Low-self esteem? Problems approaching the ladies? Feeling embarrassed about your penis size? It sounds familiar. I have been there and I know these feelings. This is why I carried out extensive research to pinpoint the best penis enlargement possibilities.

ProExtender is one of the options I came across. It is a traction-based penis extension device that has been on the market for many years.

Customer reviews and my own research show that ProExtender is one of the best penis enlargement possibilities because of its efficiency, safety and ability to deliver results each time.


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ProExtender’s penis enlargement system was originally developed in 1994 by a physician. Doctor Jorn Ege Siana specialized in penis enlargement and used his knowledge to develop the original prototype.

Today, the system is endorsed by physicians from all parts of the world. Patients interested in experiencing safe penis enlargement are advised to try the ProExtender traction device.

The company has several offers on the market. Interested individuals can purchase the device on its own or a complete kit that comes packed with accessories and comfort features.


How Does It Work?

Clinical studies prove the efficiency of the system. The ProExtender can be used to increase penis length and it is also suitable for abnormal penis curvature treatment. The condition is known as Peyronie’s disease and it can be incredibly painful and difficult to deal with.

The extender relies on the very basic principle of traction. Explained in simple terms, the penis is stretched away from the body. The tissue responds to the force and cells begin multiplying.

As a result, new tissue is formed. This new tissue contributes to increased penis length and girth.

According to clinical studies presented on the manufacturer’s website, the men who used the ProExtender for a period of 24 weeks achieved average increase in penis length of 2.8 centimeters.


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The fact that the system is developed by a physician confirms its efficiency and safety. The ProExtender system is one of the highest quality possibilities that the market has to offer.

There are various additional advantages connected to the purchase of the traction extender. I consider the following benefits to be the most important ones:

    • A device that is very easy to use. There are no side effects or complications
    • Its efficiency has been established through clinical studies
    • The extender can be used to increase penis length and girth, as well as to treat Peyronie’s disease
    • The penis enlargement results will be permanent
    • The extender is comfortable to wear and there is no pain associated to its usage
    • There are several different kit possibilities that buyers can choose among
    • It comes with many bonuses and currently – it is available at a discounted price
    • Buyers can benefit from a money back guarantee


A Few Shortcomings

A simple to use and highly efficient system, the ProExtender penis enlargement opportunity stands out. I compared the device to many other market options and it comes with unprecedented comfort and ease of use.

Still, to make the review comprehensive, I will need to mention some of the ProExtender shortcomings:

    • The product is solely available for online purchase, you cannot go to a store and see what it looks like
    • There is no free shipping possibility through the manufacturer’s website
    • Some time and commitment will be needed to start experiencing the results of the treatment


Click Here To Visit ProExtender’s Official Website Now



Traction devices have been around for some time and the fact that quality models have FDA approval speaks about their efficiency. ProExtender is a market leader that is comfortable to wear and capable of delivering the promised results.

If you are interested in penis enlargement, this is one of the possibilities you should definitely consider.

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