The Drill Pill – How Does It Work? What Are The Cons? Full Review

Male enhancement products are obviously designed or formulated to enhance the male sex organ as well as to improve its sexual function. The desired results are then a larger penis in terms of length and width as well as harder erections lasting for longer periods with more ejaculate as a bonus.

Is it possible? According to the manufacturers of Drill Pill, a popular male enhancement supplement, it is possible with the proper use of these pills.


How It Works

To understand how the Drill Pill works, it is necessary to understand the anatomy of the human penis. The male sex organ has three chambers that fill with blood during an erection – two in the corpora cavernosa and one in the corpus spongiosum.

When a man becomes sexually excited, either via physical or mental stimulation, the brain transmits signals to the body that increases blood flow into the penis in general and the above mentioned columns in particular. This results in an erection.

As such, the larger these two columns are in relation to their capacity to keep an increased amount of blood, the firmer and longer-lasting the erection can be. The ingredients in Drill Pill are formulated to gradually increase the size of the three columns, which means a longer penis with the capacity for better erections, even greater amount of ejaculate.

Keep in mind that the effects of Drill Pill will not be immediately evident but these will be observable within a few weeks. Proper use is a must for the best results.


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Drill Pill has the following ingredients and their effects in brief:

    • Bombyx Mori, a powerhouse of nutrients like minerals, proteins, and amino acids
    • Wild yam root, a plant known to aid in balancing hormonal imbalances and in lessening the risks for prostate problems
    • Siberian ginseng extract, a shrub known for its aphrodisiac qualities particularly in promoting sexual function and in boosting energy
    • White willow extract, a substance known to increase blood circulation
    • Jujube extract, a powerhouse of nutrients itself with Vitamins A, B, and C as well as calcium, iron and phosphorus essential in promoting energy
    • Cayenne extract, an extract rich in Vitamins A and C, potassium, and calcium, all of which are good for healthy blood flow
    • Stinging nettles extract, an extract used in testosterone-enhancing products

Indeed, the ingredients of Drill Pill are all formulated to promote male enhancement by providing the body with the right kinds of nutrients at the right levels.


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The Drill Pill provides for numerous benefits, thus, its popularity in the highly competitive male enhancement market.

    • All-natural product
      All of the ingredients are natural in their origin (i.e., concentrated herbal extracts) so no prescriptions are necessary. Just purchase the male enhancement pills from official websites, follow the instructions, and you are set to go. In contrast, prescription drugs for, say, erectile dysfunction has numerous side effects that offset whatever possible benefits are in store.
    • Little to no side effects
      Because of the all-natural ingredients, the side effects of the Drill Pill are almost non-existent.
    • Positive results
      Of course, the Drill Pill will be judged on its results and, so far, it has met expectations in many aspects. According to customers, they have experienced increased energy levels, testosterone levels, and sexual stamina as well as harder erections lasting far longer than before.
    • Ease of use
      Drink one Drill Pill 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse. Wash it down with plenty of water to enjoy maximum potential (Note: Good hydration is important in good blood flow and, thus, in satisfactory erection) It is also important to keep within the maximum daily dosage to avoid complications and side effects, minor as these may be.


    • As of now, Drill Pill is only available in online sites although retail stores may soon be coming.

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The Drill Pill does not only have a catchy name but it is also one of the most effective male enhancement products in the market today. Think of it as your natural option to Viagra – only better on so many levels.

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