The Jes Extender: The Modern Version Of The Classic Traction Device

jes extender gold package

Can the Jes Extender still work in the modern landscape of male enhancement devices? This is a question a lot of men reading my review might be asking. I can understand why they might ask such a question.

The Jes Extender is sometime looked at as a classic extension device. Maybe the older models can be called classic units. The modern ones are produced the the top, cutting edge materials and engineering that can enhance traction based penis growth.


What Is The Jes Extender?

At one time, the common name for a penis traction device was, simply, a Jes Extender. The reason is the name brand Jes Extender was the only male traction device on the market.

Developed in Europe several decades ago, the Jes Extender was created to help straighten out penises that were excessively curved. The device did work as expected and it also deliver a rather pleasant unexpected result.

The length and girth of the penis increased. From this, it was realized continual use of the Jes Extender (in a safe manner) can lead to size increases with the bulk of the increases being length enhancements.


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How Does A Traction Device Work?

The Jes Extender stretches the penis out away from the body and holds it in an extended state. The stretch is not an excessive one, but it is enough to create tension on the cells of the penis and the ligaments by the pubic bone.

Wearing the device for appropriate (not excessive!) durations of time over the course of many months.

The result of such tension on the penis is commonly cellular division. What this means is the cells of the penis begin to divide to release the tension placed on them. This creates more tissue which, in turn, means the penis becomes longer as a result.

The tension can also put secondary stress on the ligaments that connect the penis to the pubic bone. The ligaments may become lengthened allowing more of the inner penis to come out. Hence, the penis can gain length this way, too.

Of course, all penis extender are designed to deliver this same result. The question here is whether or not the Jes Extender has the ability to do do.


The Quality Of The Jes Extender

The Jes Extender might not be the best penis traction device on the market, but it surely is a very well made one. The design enhances the durability of the device and it can hold the penis in place comfortably.

The newer silicon holding device is a great improvement over the original shoe string version that was sold in men’s magazines in prior generations. This is most definitely not a low grade item. A great deal of quality went into the production and manufacturing and it shows.


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Insightful Accessories

While it might seem that using a traction device is self-explanatory, there are bits of advice and information that can be offered to help make getting good results a lot more likely.

The makers of the Jes Extender have opted to give a little extra when you order one of their devices. With an order, you get an instructional DVD and an helpful program to follow.

Thanks to the helpful instructions, getting the most value out of the extender becomes possible. At the very least, one can avoid making common errors that can cause injury.



    • The Jes Extender is one of the longest running male traction devices in production
    • Comfortable and durable design
    • Excellent accessories


    • Not everyone will experience the same results
    • Many months may be required to experience gains

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What more can be said about the Jes Extender? The current versions continue the lengthy history of helping men achieve length gains. While not currently the best on the market, the Jes Extender still is a quality product.

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